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Watch bystanders spring into action; protect elderly man from attack on city bus

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There are still some good Samaritans left in this world, and many of them were apparently riding the same New York City bus on Monday.

When an enraged passenger tried to pick a fight with an elderly man, onlookers rushed to the victim’s defense, tossing the bully off at the next stop.

What had angered the assailant was not caught on video, but the ensuing chaos was captured by one passenger with a cell phone camera and uploaded to Liveleak.com.

Hurling expletives and daring the elderly man to “call the f—king police,” the bully steadily grew more outraged as onlookers calmly tried to talk him down.

The victim, however, wasn’t going to put up with it for much longer. When the man set down his cane and stood up to the bully,  chaos quickly erupted.

As the elderly passenger tried to defend himself, onlookers rushed into action by tackling the assailant and forcibly throwing him off the bus.

An old passenger with a cane might have looked like an easy target, but the bully apparently didn’t count on a busload of decent people being fed up with senseless violence.

[Video warning: Very strong language]

Michael Schaus


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