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‘COWARDS!’ Walmart gets blasted for caving, pulling this children’s Halloween costume

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The PC police have won another round.

Social-justice warriors have managed to bully Walmart into dropping a children’s Halloween costume of an Israeli soldier, because it is allegedly “offensive” to Palestinians.

Walmart announced that they would stop selling the innocuous costume after a flurry of anti-Israel reviews and comments from social media, reported Twitchy.

But, aside from outraged leftists, most social media users seemed to be a little perplexed over how a simple Israeli soldier can be considered “offensive” enough to merit censorship.

While Walmart was apparently spineless enough to cave to anti-Israel pressure on social media, other sites – such as Amazon – are still happy to sell the costume to the unoffended public for the time being.

Good job Amazon. Offending anti-Semites should be considered a badge of honor, not a reason to cave to PC madness.

Michael Schaus


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