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Student SLAMS principal to the ground; will media call this racism, too?

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FightThe principal for a Sacramento area high school was slammed to the ground by a student when he tried to step in and stop a fight that had erupted in the cafeteria.

A YouTube video recorded on a student’s camera phone shows the school’s common area in complete chaos as a brawl erupted among a handful of teenagers on Monday.

When Florin High School Principal Don Ross stepped in to calm things down, one student took hold of him, and threw him to the ground before rejoining the fight.

Ross managed to get back on his feet and grab the student from behind as a deputy from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene.

Three students were arrested in connection to the Monday fight, with two facing battery charges and the third facing charges for making threats.

Ross was not badly injured, and told local Fox40 that he’s looking forward to returning to work.

The country is still talking about the classroom video from South Carolina this week that showed a white police officer dragging a belligerent black teen from her chair. Pundits had no problem calling into question whether the act was motivated by race.

Will those critics be equally eager to claim this as a racist act since the principal is white and his attacker is black?

Probably not, but it would be equally ridiculous if they did.


Michael Schaus


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