De Blasio blasted for raid of gay escort company; gay libs should be exempt from law!

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio finds himself under fire from an unlikely adversary: the gay community.

Many gays are angry with the liberal mayor and Police Commissioner William Bratton for working with federal prosecutors on a recent raid of the popular gay escort website’s New York City headquarters, the New York Post reports.

“[Mayors Ed] Koch, [Rudy] Giuliani and [Michael] Bloomberg did not go after Why is de Blasio?” one gay man who has used the website asked the Post.

According to the Post, police also have been ticketing men in an area of the city known for gay prostitution.

De Blasio At Gay Pride Parade
Mayor Bill de Blasio and family at the 2014 Gay Pride Parade. Photo credit

“The LGBT community hasn’t seen such harassment and intimidation since before Stonewall in 1969,” a gay activist told the Post. “This has become a City Hall war against gay consensual sex. Some wonder whether this is happening to rid the city of ‘gay sin’ prior to the arrival of de Blasio’s friend the pope.”

Some people seem to think criminal activity is permissible so long as you belong to a designated liberal “victim group.”

But one can hardly blame them. Since the mayor took office, he has done his best to appease criminals while lambasting police.

But recently the mayor has changed his approach.

He has begun a campaign against topless women who parade around Times Square taking pictures with tourists for tips, and also is cracking down on homeless vagrants — a problem he previously ignored.

Now that Pope Francis is set to visit, one has to wonder whether the activist is correct and de Blasio just wants to clean up the city as quickly as possible.

But the mayor may find that inviting crime, sin and depravity is a lot easier than eradicating it.

Carmine Sabia

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Carmine Sabia


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