Obama’s ‘motivational’ grad speech horrifies! You can’t build that no matter how hard you try

According to President Obama, you still “didn’t build that.”

Speaking to a group of students Monday afternoon, Obama echoed his infamous “you didn’t build that” comments when he told the White House Mentorship and Leadership graduates that no one achieves anything on their own.

“This idea that somehow we succeed just on our own is just not true,” Obama told the group of college-bound students. “Nobody does, not even the president of the United States.

“Tens of thousand of people helped me succeed,” he said. “We support each other.”

Trump announces 2016 bid for WH . . . with one ATOMIC blunder

The president telling a group of ambitious soon-to-be college students that they can’t accomplish anything in life without substantial outside help didn’t go over well on social media after CBS’s Mark Knoller Tweeted excerpts from the speech.

Michael Schaus


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