Libs fight each other over ‘thugs’ on CNN

CNN host Don Lemon doesn’t find himself squaring off against liberals often, so when he does it’s a doozy.

That’s what happened Tuesday night, when Lemon hosted a panel consisting of New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow, retired New York police Detective Harry Houck and the constantly offended liberal commentator Sally Kohn to compare media coverage of the Texas biker shootout with coverage of the riots in Ferguson following the death of Michael Brown and in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray.

Kohn, who finds racism and homophobia lurking around every corner, said the media is now going out of its way to use the word “thug” in talking about the Waco bikers because reporters want to prove they don’t only use the word for blacks.

“I think its bull,” Lemon fired back. “I have heard everybody, including on this show, we called them thugs at least three times last night.”

Lemon said when he thinks of thugs, he envisions someone like Tony Soprano, the character on the hit HBO series “The Sopranos,” and race has no bearing on it.

Blow said he saw the coverage of the biker shootings covered differently than that of the Ferguson and Baltimore riots because of race.

“The media did go there [Baltimore] and we analyzed in every possible way what the sociology of that group was like, what the town was like, how many people there did not have fathers in their home,” he said.

“We looked at, kind of, pathologies rather than looking at, they are individual people who did individual things against the law.”

Lemon rightly responded that reporters did that because the Baltimore story was specifically about race. The biker story was about a gang fight.

Kohn jumped in to say the majority of mass shooters in America are white men asked why a conversation about white men was not had every time a mass shooting happens.

“We do!” Lemon shouted. “Yes we do!.”

But that will never be enough for people like Sally Kohn and Charles Blow who see a racial component in everything.


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Carmine Sabia


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