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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. loses his cool, gets ‘handsy’ with conservative female reporter

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Inherited-wealth 1-percenter Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had all his liberal buttons pushed Sunday during an interview with a reporter from a conservative media outlet.

And he came out looking like the thin-skinned scion he really is.

Michelle Fields, with PJTV, confronted the filthy-rich lib at the “People’s Climate March,” which drew a massive throng of the deluded and the dishonest to New York’s Times Square to demonstrate their dislike of the internal combustion engine.

Fields posted the interview Twitter, with the introduction “Robert Kennedy Jr. gets handsy with me.” Check it out, and watch how a trust-fund progressive reacts when he’s challenged by someone who doesn’t live in the Cape Cod cocoon of Kennedys.

Considering Fields is an attractive woman, Kennedy is a Kennedy, and someone got “handsy,” it could have been worse. Fields came out of it both fully dressed and fully alive, which isn’t always easy for a woman in a situation like that.

Technically, Kennedy has spent his life outside the “family business” of liberal politics, but that doesn’t mean he can resist the noblesse oblige urge to tell ordinary people what to do and how to do it. He just bills himself as an “environmental attorney,” which means he gets to jet set with the rich and famous, and write dishonest, dangerous propaganda pieces for Rolling Stone.

But Twitter users who saw the interview had his number.  

Yes, he did.

He also said the individual isn’t nearly as important as the politicians in Washington, D.C. (Note that even state-level politics is below the true progressive’s dignity.)

Liberals like the Kennedys believe changing the government will change individuals. When people say things like that in German, Americans generally call it fascism. This Kennedy isn’t even a good fascist.

Three generations of political in-breeding can do that.


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