GOP congressman, whose mom died of breast cancer, explodes: ‘I’m tired of getting lectures from Democrats!’

chaffetz1001newJason Chaffetz finally had enough.

After sparring with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a lengthy interview about Planned Parenthood Wednesday, the Utah Republican got tired of hearing Blitzer spout talking points for the nation’s largest abortion provider and its allies in the Democrat Party.

No matter what Planned Parenthood and its defenders might claim about the organization’s efforts for women’s health, federal funding for the abortion mill/Democratic fundraising machine is not the best spending for taxpayer dollars, he said. And he’s tired of being talked down to by Democrats who pretend they care more about women’s lives than Republicans.

Noting that his wife works for a plastic surgeon who treats women after breast cancer operations, Chaffetz pointed to an even more personal tie.

“My mother passed away from breast cancer … to try to characterize Republicans as if we don’t care, I take great personal offense to,” he told Blitzer.

The video is just under nine minutes long, with most of it showing Blitzer parroting Planned Parenthood talking points while Chaffetz explains — patiently and repeatedly — the Republican position on why the group shouldn’t be getting federal money.

But at the 8-minute mark, he gets passionate.

“Don’t tell me that I don’t care about this when I lost my mother to this, when my dad died from cancer, when my wife works on this,” he said. “There is a better way to do this… I am tired of getting lectures from these Democrats that try to say we don’t care about women!”


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