Undercover sting catches Hillary worker breaking law: Hispanic voter sign-up using ‘Trump’s ‘bi**hface’

A newly released undercover video captured a Hillary Clinton campaign worker in Las Vegas pushing newly signed up voters to support the candidate – while using a mocking picture of Donald Trump to reel them him.

“THIS IS MY RESTING B**CH FACE” the caption read.

The video, produced by the conservative group Project Veritas Action, shows a Clinton worker, identified as Henry Engelstein, using the picture to capitalize on anti-Trump feelings among Hispanics, then singing Clinton’s praises while they fill out the registration forms.

Both are potential felonies.

“Hillary Clinton es muy bueno. Nosotros trabajando para la campaña de Hillary aquí en Las Vegas. Necesito el apoyo de la gente en la comunidad,” Engelstein tells potential voters.

In English, according to the Daily Mail, that means: “Hillary Clinton is very good. We are working for Hillary’s campaign here in Las Vegas. I need the support of people in the community.”

Nevada election law prohibits campaign workers from advocating for or against a candidate while registering voters. Engelstein had no problem doing both, the video shows.

And he wanted to share his success with other Clinton campaigners when he phoned for support.

“Come here. Come here,” he said. “There’s like hundreds and hundreds of people and I just flash a picture of Donald Trump on my phone and they all sign up …”

In the video, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe explains the legal violations, and warns the Clinton campaign that the investigations of its activities is continuing — in surprising ways.

“At this very moment there are individuals working as paid staffers for the Clinton campaign that are in fact Project Veritas Action journalists,” he said. “This is far from over, Hillary.”

The Clinton campaign declined to comment on the O’Keefe videos until it has a chance to review them, the Daily Mail reported.

A Trump spokeswoman also declined comment on the video.

Wednesday’s video release was the second time Engelstein was captured on video skirting election laws in Clinton’s service.

Here’s another one, released Sept. 10.






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