Sleazy blogger arrested; sneaked into nursing home to film senator’s ill wife for use in campaign attack video

What kind of conservative would think this was a good idea?

Photo: Madison County Detention Center Clayton Kelly
Photo: Madison County Detention Center
Clayton Kelly

The Senate Republican primary fight between Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran and his tea party challenger has taken an ugly twist, with a supporter of state Sen. Christopher McDaniel behind bars and all sides pouring scorn on the use of a helpless woman’s image in a political campaign.

Independent blogger Clayton Thomas Kelly, 28,  was being held Sunday in the Madison County Detention Center charged with exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Police say Kelly slipped into an adult care facility where Cochran’s wife is bedridden with dementia, taking her picture and using it in an attack video posted on his political blog, Constitutional Clayton, on April 26, according to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

McDaniel’s campaign denies it had any affiliation with Kelly or the attack, which was taken down almost immediately, But the memory of the incident is bound to loom large until the June 3 primary.

And if Twitter reaction is any guide, the memory is utter disgust.

Let’s let Republican strategist Rick Wilson set the tone:

You’d think being bedridden with dementia would qualify as non-pol. You’d also think it qualified for a modicum of human decency. At least some Twitter posters did.

Some users had questions:

And Wilson had answers:

And then there was the purely tactical viewpoint.

But that view was the minority. For reaction to something like this, revulsion carries the day.

Whatever it was, this Tweet says it all.

This is too sleazy, even for a lib.

H/T: Twitchy

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