GOP is to blame for all Obamacare’s problems, NY Times reports

Obamacare’s awful, and it’s all the Republicans’ fault.

That’s the message of a New York Times story Monday that blames GOP instransigence for the failure of improvements to the Affordable Care Act that are dooming it to failure it before it can be fully born.

Headlined, “Partisan Gridlock Thwarts Effort to Alter Health Law,” the story lists a number of “sprawling and consequential” laws passed by previous Congresses that have required improvements, including Social Security, Medicare, immigration reform.

If Republicans would only grow up and get to work improving the Affordable Care Act, the same “tweaks” could work with Obamacare, right?

“Three years after the Affordable Care Act was enacted, an extensive list of possible fixes and clarifications has piled up. For example,
Families USA, a liberal advocacy group and strong supporter of the law, would like to see more money to pay for “navigators” to help
enroll the uninsured in the new health-care marketplaces.”

So a law that passed with zero Republican support and signed by the most leftist American president in history is being ruined because
Republicans won’t help save it by throwing more money at a plan they despise? The fiends.

The Times story is half right, anyway. Obamacare’s awful, but that isn’t the Republicans’ fault.

It wasn’t Republicans who created it. And thanks to the tea party and a primary system that’s making sure people who get elected as
Republicans stay in office by acting like Republicans, it won’t be Republicans that save it.

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