Rubio revives state-pie battle during national debt debate

You can take the lawmaker out of Florida …

Sen. Marco Rubio brought back memories from his days in the Florida House on Wednesday when he compared a dispute over the nation’s debt ceiling to a state-pie controversy that roiled the Legislature in 2006.

The Washington Post reports Rubio raised the issue during a debate over whether the debt ceiling – which will need to be raised again – should be linked to talks over a national budget – which hasn’t been passed since 2010, thanks to Harry Reid’s Senate.

“This is not a trivial objection,” Rubio said during a Senate floor speech, according to the Post.

“I’m not asking that the key lime pie be made the official pie of the United States. I’m not asking for some ridiculous thing.”

It’s an open question whether his fellow senators knew what he was talking about, but Rubio was on the key-lime side of the 2006 legislative fight over the official pie of Florida: key lime versus sweet potato.

He was just a House Speaker-designate back then, not a national name and potential Republican presidential nominee.

Jeb Bush, another national name and potential Republican presidential nominee, was Florida’s governor in 2006. Bush signed the bill sealing key lime’s place as the state pie.

So if there is a primary fight between the two men, at least one issue is off the table.

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