New Zealand to broadcast ‘call to prayer’, ban ‘semi-auto’ firearms, urge non-Muslims to wear hijabs in wake of terror

Socialist New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that effectively immediately, her government is executing a complete ban on semi-automatic weapons. The ambiguous statements surrounding this […]

Data reveals seismic spikes in media FOIA requests to the EPA after Trump took office

Immediately after President Trump to office, FOIA requests to the EPA jumped significantly. Freedom of Information Act requests have continued to climb with totals still rising to […]

New Zealand’s oppressive reaction to mosque massacre alarming: Possess or share gunman’s video you’ll face 10-14 years in prison

  Some folks have had the ill-advised idea that New Zealand is the place to move if you are seeking refuge from the danger and craziness of […]

‘Beto’ nickname is like ‘Stolen Valor’ says top Latino columnist

Contrary to popular Democratic spin, there are many Latinos who take serious issue with Democratic candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke on a number of levels. Much of the […]

Dems got outsmarted by GOP on Congressional vote to release Mueller report. Lindsey Graham throws a wrench in it.

  Is it possible that at some point we’ll be adding a third inevitability to the old adage, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”? How does […]

Omar taunts Trump directly: ‘I am sorry … you can’t #MuslimBan us from Congress!’

Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar hurled an incendiary tweetat President Trump … as well as at the Minnesota Democrats who are working on finding a candidate to run […]

Beware HOA’s drunk on power: Vietnam vet finally wins fight to fly Old Glory after bitter decades-long dispute

Home owners associations (HOAs) have a reputation for being overbearing and nit-picky. As the nation at large becomes polarized, it seems patriotic flag-waving veterans who want […]

Washington state Senate passes bill to bar Trump from ballot in 2020 unless he shows tax returns

The political polarization of America continues to confound. The Senate of Washington state has passed a bill that will prevent President Trump from appearing on ballots in […]

Chris Wallace shamefully renews narrative that Trump inflames anti-muslim white supremacy. Mick Mulvaney sets him straight.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace debated White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney regarding the recurring liberal narrative that President Trump’s encourage bigotry. In light […]

Divided CNN panel of ‘conservatives’ get heated over Trump’s veto: ‘Don’t you dare patronize me on this!’

On Saturday, CNN pundits went at each other over President Trump’s first veto earlier in the week. Trump exercised his executive veto, rejecting the Senate’s vote to […]

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