Massively confused Dylan Mulvaney wants to date women AND have a baby: ‘New biology’

In what some claim is proof of master trolling by Dylan Mulvaney, the transgender just did a TikT video that confusingly reveals he spe with his dad […]

Jewel’s ‘unique’ national anthem at the Indianapolis 500 has some claiming she ‘ruined’ it: ‘Disrespectful’

Pop and country music star Jewel performed her own rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Indianapolis 500 speedway on Sunday and the twist on the national […]

Fentanyl leaking into NYC prisons, inmates overdosing at record pace

New York City jails and prisons are seeing a massive increase in fentanyl overdoses in 2023 even though corrections officials have stepped up efforts to prevent it […]

Attacked and burned alive by ex-boyfriend, Ohio mother testifies in her own murder trial

A beautiful 31-year-old mother of two named Judy Malinowski who survived ovarian cancer and an addiction to prescription painkillers, unfortunately, had deadly taste in men. Her ex-boyfriend […]

NYC Dem kicked off ballot for not specifying gender says printing error to blame

Hollywood talent manager Todd Stein was booted as a Democratic candidate for district leader in New York City after he failed to specify his gender as either […]

Women’s group is ready to ‘Bud Light’ Target for getting in ‘bed with the devil’

The women’s group “The Battle Cry” hammered Target for getting into “bed with the devil” over its radical transgender and LGBTQ ideology, calling on Americans to hold […]

‘Fart spray’ prank leads to evacuated school and felony charges for two Texas teens

In a prime example of not considering the consequences, two teen boys in Texas allegedly decided to do a prank with “fart spray” that resulted in the […]

DeSantis and Trump trade blows over First Step Act: ‘Basically a jailbreak bill’

Republican presidential candidate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vowed on Friday to repeal former President Trump’s First Step Act, asserting that it was “basically a jailbreak bill” and […]

The search is on for missing teen who reportedly jumped over the side of cruise ship on a dare

Cameron Robbins, an 18-year-old from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, went missing on Wednesday while on a pirate-themed party boat during a sunset cruise in the Bahamas after allegedly […]

Target reportedly partners with org that quietly pushes gender-bending in schools: report

Target has Bud-Lighted itself by pushing transgender apparel for Pride month, hiring a pro-Satan designer, and now partnering with the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) […]

Chicago parents fume as migrant children allowed to enroll in schools with NO health records

Chicago parents are furious over not only having to foot the bill to house illegal immigrants but because school districts are allowing migrant children to enroll with […]

Winnie-the-Pooh book given to young TX students advises them what to do if a gunman appears

A Dallas, Texas school district is handing out Winnie-the-Pooh bos produced by Praetorian Consulting in Houston to schoolchildren as young as 4 years old to take home […]