Maxine Waters vows to deal with Ben Carson: ‘I’m going to take his ass apart’

So, unhinged Maxine Waters who pushes reporters, calls for Trump’s exile, and yells at constituents is going to take on a literal brain surgeon?

Kathy Griffin’s consequences continue as the Secret Service reportedly pays her a visit

Good luck with that.

Somewhere Rosie O’Donnell’s breathing into a paper bag; see which Trump tweet sent her over the edge

Deep breaths, Rosie… deep breaths.

ESPN has a nude issue: Pro-athletes with perfect bods take it ALL off for shoot …naked tennis anyone?

Warning: This post contains the kind of nudity that makes you want to hide your mirrors.

Kim Kardashian gets a taste of the real world as she’s mom-shamed over car seat photo

Maybe it’s time to lay low for a while, Kim.

On his way out the door Jason Chaffetz calls for $2,500 per month stipend for lawmakers

What’s not healthy is D.C. lawmakers keeping their positions in perpetuity.

When Jared speaks … Ivanka watches hubby finally talk publicly as folks lose their minds

So, did anyone actually hear what he had to say?

Finally, someone says it! Sen Cotton throws in an unexpected question


‘An appalling and detestable lie’: Sessions opens by blasting Dems, vows he will not be ‘deterred’ nor intimidated

Attorney General Sessions came out strong against Democrats and their obsession with Russian collusion conspiracy. After briefly thanking the Senate Select Committee for a chance to state […]

‘Roseanne’ show reboot to make TV comeback; promises to appeal to Trump voters


Charity fires Megyn Kelly as gala host 2 days before event over Alex Jones interview

Go pound sand …

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Dem Rep feels backlash after introducing ‘Covfefe Act’

Playpens and nannies are in order.