My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell rejoins Twitter after one-year ban, is booted AGAIN within hours

Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter was officially announced, stalwart advocates of free speech have been testing the water to discover just how much of an impact the billionaire has had until the privatization is finalized later this year, and for Mike Lindell, there’s been no change.

The MyPillow founder and CEO was in attendance at the most recent Save America rally in Greenwood, Neb., headlined by former President Donald Trump when he decided to share a special announcement. While talking with Right Side Broadcasting Network, he was pleased to tell viewers at home that, after more than a year of remaining banned from the social media platform, he had created a brand new account on Twitter.

The account had gone live earlier in the day and Lindell had already offered up his first post at 1:25 pm when he made the announcement just before three in the afternoon.

In his first tweet back on the platform, Lindell asked followers to “SPREAD THE WORD” that he was back, writing, “Hello everybody, I’M BACK ON TWITTER. My only account is @MikeJLindell! Please RT and FOLLOW to SPREAD THE WORD.”

Those viewers were more than happy to get the word out as, according to Newsweek, within about five minutes the account had obtained over 20,000 followers. With the video included to verify the account was authentic, Lindell managed to acquire nearly 40,000 followers in a few short hours.

“Hello everyone on Twitter. This is Mike Lindell,” he said while seated on a plane. “I’m here to tell you about my new account here, @MikeJLindell. That’s the only account over here at Twitter that I’m using. All those other ones are fake accounts and they’ve been using my name out there.

“So we started this account,” Lindell explained. “Please share it with everybody you know. Let everybody you know – so we can get the word out over here at Twitter in case they do take it down. And thanks a lot for helping out. Thank you and God bless.”

However, by 5:00 pm, Twitter had removed the newly created account and explained to Newsweek that the businessman had violated their rules on ban evasion. Lindell’s original account had been permanently suspended in Jan. 2021, “due to repeated violations of our Civic Integrity Policy,” a statement from Twitter explained.

“You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civil processes,” the statement went on and, though they did not specify, the inference at the time was that Twitter may have tangentially linked Lindell’s posts to the incident at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

While previously suspended accounts like Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Truckers for Freedom had resumed activity, and even some who had voluntarily left the platform like radio host Mark Levin, returned, the reappearance of the pillow tycoon was too much for the snowflakes out there who set about reporting him to the Twitter police.


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31 thoughts on “My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell rejoins Twitter after one-year ban, is booted AGAIN within hours


  2. People have to remember that Musk is not in charge yet and that the sale of twitter is not finalized yet. New policies are not in place and the same scumbags are still working at twitter. I’ve cautioned conservatives to wait until Musk has taken the reigns and after the employee purge that is probably incoming after he does take control before returning to twitter.

  3. Yeah I tried one of his pillows and it was nice until I got a Tempurpedic Cloud pillow. Of course those are $150. BTW it wasn’t me who downvoted you.

    1. NOI I DID!! And I wish I could ban him too!!
      My Pillows do NOT cost $80 and I have one and they’re great!!!! This jerk is full of it!!

  4. These useful idiots don’t even realize they’re communists wanting everything they don’t like to be banned.

  5. Who at Twitter is going to get the ax? The new sheriff will deal out justice. LET’ S GO BRANDON!

  6. This is the liberal snowflakes’ way of biting back after the big sale. They simply can’t cope. They’re delusional. I hope Elon fixes this and boots off the agitators who tattled.

  7. The DemonRats are a nasty bunch.

    It would be Karma if the disgusting snitches were banned – for being disgusting snitches.

  8. Remember Musk has not yet taken over the company. The people that are still there will continue the same tactics until Musk’s team is n control. They know they will be gone anyway.

  9. It’s a43 billion dollar waste if this nonsense is not put to an end.

    1. I just saw a comment that explains why this is happening. The takeover is not yet completed entirely. Twitter’s old team is still running the show. Until Elon gains full custody, this will continue. We have to be patient until he has complete control. Those that got booted off because of the commie snowflakes will most likely be reinstated. Let’s give the libs their false sense of security for now. It will be extremely painful for them in a bit when Musk moves in and takes full control.

  10. I don’t do T-itter, or Facefk, or any of them.If everyone canceled, they would be the ones out of luck.

  11. “Ohh I reported him for his new account! Did I do good commissar?”

  12. You have to hand it to the Communist Democratic Party. They sure know how to destroy the Constitution. They can’t even accept the very first amendment!

    Let’s go Brandon and take the Communist Democratic Party with you! Go ahead Joey, send your DGB brown shirts after me!

  13. THIS is just ANOTHER reason I have recommended a SCORCHED EARTH Policy for the next Republican Administration! The LEFT has had it’s turn DICTATING the terms of Society for long enough – it’s OBVIOUS that THEIR TERMS SUCK! We need Leaders who are NOT AFRAID to OFFEND the LEFT! We need Leaders who will DO WHAT’S BEST FOR OUR NATION! Sadly, nearly EVERYTHING that is GOOD for Our Nation goes AGAINST LEFTIST DOGMA! Well, SADLY FOR THE LEFT!! When it’s time to BAN the LEFT, it must be based on FACTUAL EVIDENCE and not just “FEELS” like the LEFT has done! I’m not on twit but I do like the little cat and dog vids that people link to! OH, and would LOVE to get Mr. James Woods’ tweets back!

  14. just had the same thing happen to me a few days ago. Opened account after 6 years of suspension. Got suspended again with first tweet. F Twitter.

  15. When I read about this this morning, I sent a tweet to Elon Musk about it and also replied to Zachary on twitter ( comparing him & his cohorts to the aholes that they are ). It will be interesting if Elon replies to my tweet. I Told him that HIS employees apparently didn’t get the message , and since YOU were NOW their BOSS what are YOU going to do about it? I urge all of you still on Twitter to send a tweet to Elon and to Zachary. Let them know we have just begun to fight.

  16. “F” you, dems! Enjoy your time because it’s quickly coming to a close and when we’re done with you, you’ll be cowering so far in the back of your disgusting closets you’ll never see the light of day again.

    Your brand of filth has been rejected by the real Americans in this country and we’re coming for you. Count on it.

  17. We’re not even a generation away from becoming a cmunst country. Unfortunately we’ve plenty of ahols to fk things up.

  18. I remember a point in time in US history, where the saying was, “I may not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your RIGHT to say it“. Yes…I remember those times. And we didn’t have to popularize it, or “push” it….as it was baked-into our Constitution. TODAY however, the Left says, “You BETTER believe what I believe in, or I will DESTROY YOU !”. Just what the h_ll happened over the past few decades? How are we even discussing this ( other than it’s happening)…..we shouldn’t be talking about this because it shouldn’t even be happening LEGALLY, but somehow it’s all around us. Why is this standard practice now? Were we all sleeping and awoke to our new Communist/Totalitarian government? We better get on the ball, as this is serious and get off the couch watching America’s Got Talent !!!

  19. I do not understand why anyone wants anything to do with the Twats at Twitter.

    Truth Social, Gettr, locals…man, there are conservative alternatives…stop patronizing businesses that hate you!

  20. “You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civil processes,” …that is of course, unless you are Mark Zuckerberg and are spending 416 million $ to get a dementia ridden, corrupt old man elected.

  21. It sure looks like Elon Musk has his work cut out for him! That is if he intends to really do anything other than talk a good game! Personally I think that’s all it is to him!

  22. I like the snowflakes like Diane Bernardts. She Tweeted “ I reported him “ or “ I reported the account “ ? The libtard was acting like she was waiting for her biscuit to chew on. I hope Elon knows how much we are counting on FREE-SPEECH. On his platform! We don’t have to worry about banning liberals, they will be like the devil hearing scripture. Running and screaming!! Mike Lindell will be okay, he will busy himself with campaigning for the right! Very soon the acquisition will be finalized. For those who like to cry and lie, their days are short.

  23. Maybe it is high time for twitter to be banned permanently, with no possibility of being brought back ever!

  24. Elon is this the kind of censorship you wanted to avoid or maybe its the kind you endorse. I hope they FIRE ever person that was involved in this. There will be a lot of help wanted ads for twitter employees. You should also move the entire operation to someplace not so nuts like Texas.

  25. Regardless of Musk’s buyout, the Twitterazi are now emboldened by the government’s “Ministry of truth”!

  26. The fear oozing from the left is comical. I never would have believed our country would fall so deeply into the pit of censorship. I’m thrilled that Elon Musk bought Twitter and await further yowling and screaming from the liberals who think they know everything!

  27. Be patient…our time is coming! When it gets here the snowflakes heads will explode. In the meantime, these anti-freespeech troglodytes will drive themselves crazy just imagining how bad it will be when we all have a voice on a level playing field.

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