‘Go capture her!’ Crazed woke mob pursues Buffalo U student who invited black Republican to speak

The woke mob is at it again, this time at the University of Buffalo.

“I’m very afraid of what would have happened if I hadn’t been able to avoid them. I don’t think they were going to do anything remotely peaceful. They were a very angry mob, and they were clearly saying that they were trying to chase me, that they wanted to capture me.”

This is how Therese Purcell described her feelings at being chased by a violent, angry mob of fellow students last Thursday night. And what was the egregious crime committed by this inoffensive and non-threatening young woman? She had the temerity to invite prominent black Republican Lt. Col. Allen West to speak about overcoming racism and prejudice in a talk entitled “America Is Not Racist—Why American Values are Exceptional.”

Therese Purcell is president of Young Americans for Freedom, a club at the university that organized and sponsored the event. It was intended to be a forum to allow students to discuss issues of racism on the campus—but it quickly spiraled out of control.

The problems started during the question and answer session with Lt. Col. West which followed his speech. Left-wing “protestors” inside and outside the building resorted to the usual tactics, screaming “no justice, no peace” and escalating their violent activities.

“While they were screaming that we were trying to silence black voices, we were actually trying to bring this conversation to campus,” Purcell explained in an interview Monday morning with “Fox & Friends.”

“But instead of asking questions, they resorted to violence,” she added.

At this point, it became necessary for the police to escort West from the building, where they encountered an even larger and more violent mob. Although Purcell had accompanied West and his police escort, she was separated from them at one point, and this is when the violent agitators began to chase her. Purcell’s intention was to walk quickly and quietly back to her car, but she was targeted by the crowd, which shouted “go get her, go get her, go capture her, the girl in the red dress.”

“I realized I was the target for these protesters,” she said, “and about 200 of my fellow students started hunting me down on campus, started chasing me.”

Purcell finally escaped her rabid leftist pursuers when a friend dragged her into a bathroom, where they huddled for safety and called 911. Even so, they could hear the irate mob roving the halls, shouting all the while that they needed to “find her.”

Other members of the Young Americans for Freedom club weren’t as lucky. Purcell claims the implacable mob hunted others down and assaulted a board member physically with kicks and punches.

Purcell was baffled by the irrational, almost savage response that West’s seemingly innocuous talk elicited.

“I didn’t think it was going to be as controversial,” she explained, “to say on an American campus that American values are a good thing. American values are worth protecting. I don’t think they like Colonel West’s message that he did experience racism…but he overcame that, and he decided not to be a victim…and that America gave him that equality of opportunity that many other countries don’t.

“I think these people like to see themselves as the victim, and his message fundamentally challenged that,” she said.

The University of Buffalo, for its part, released a tepid and ineffectual statement about the events of last Thursday night: “As a public university, all members of the UB community and invited guests have a right to peacefully express their views and opinions, regardless of whether others may disagree. This includes the right of individuals to oppose the views or opinions of others—including peaceful protests—but not in such a way as to limit or prevent the speaker’s freedom of expression or interfere with university operations.”

Tell that to Therese Purcell and Lt. Col. Allen West, whose freedom of expression was most decidedly limited or prevented last Thursday night. Meanwhile, the University of Buffalo Police Department is looking into reports of harassment following the rowdy event.


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44 thoughts on “‘Go capture her!’ Crazed woke mob pursues Buffalo U student who invited black Republican to speak

  1. This is why you should carry where ever you go. Then instead of cowering in fear, you can confront the mob.

  2. These are the young black privileged, empowered by BLM’s message of “We are Victims”, with their ignorant, disrespectful, attitudes that they are owed something! They are violent, destructive, have no respect for different opinions, are worthless in their own communities and they will never have any place in society! They have turned me into a person that hates them and all they stand for! Everytime I see or hear anything about them, I get so angry because they are real criminals, yet they remain free and have people like Harris bailing them out! We all struggle in this world in many different ways and we’re not crying, screaming or chasing people down! Any student at this college, that was involved in this Mob and can be identified, should be expelled and arrested and held in jail until they can see a judge – just like the “Mob” of 600 prisoners, still being held today for going into OUR Capitol Building😡

  3. . . . all in a spirit of open-minded tolerance, compassionate respect for diverse views and full support for Freedom of Speech, I am sure. {/snarc}

  4. Is anyone surprised? It seems that the left gets upset with black conservatives
    to the point of calling them racist. They sling the term racist at whatever
    conservatives, black or white, say or do. Doesn’t matter if black people
    are being, honored, agreed with or praised they too are called racists for
    selling out to “whitey”  Unless black speakers are wailing and moaning
    about whatever the “white crime of the moment” is, they become racist
    to these so-called liberals who are anything but.
    Educated people respect those who do their best to succeed regardless skin
    color or nationality, and it’s the effort that counts not necessarily the outcome.  
    Liberals miss that difference and BTW these liberals are the same crybabies
    demanding free college for all.
    They don’t seem to be taking advantage of the education they’re paying for;
    Imagine how much more attentive to actual education they would be. 

    1. The attitude of the left matches that of the incompetent Joe Biden, who told Blacks if they didn’t vote for him they weren’t black.

      Today’s progressive liberals are intolerant, close minded, not very smart at all, fascists, unhinged, and worst of all violent!

      They clearly believe, and say, if you disagree with them they have the right to use violence to silence you.

  5. I was a university instructor and my father was a professor for 40 years. He was a leftist, I am not. I think if he were alive he would agree with me that any student who attacked this woman, or anyone else, for bringing a speaker to campus that they didn’t like, doesn’t deserve a college education. They should be expelled. Barring that at a minimum they should be on permanent disciplinary suspension until graduation. The tenants of common decency still are listed in the university handbook. Nothing about their behavior was decent. When my father served as Dean of Men in the 60s, he routinely threatened to call the draft board for infractions much less severe. If you didn’t go to college you could be drafted. That was a consequence for not holding to decent behavior. The men often later told me that turned them around and they were grateful he straightened them out. It changed their lives for the better. These young people need a serious consequence and the university needs to dispense discipline.

  6. Good thing that ANTI-LYNCHING LAW was just PASSED!! Shouldn’t they ALL be charged with CONSPIRACY TO LYNCH the young Lady??? There’s a DUNGEON in DC with people who were merely walking through a building and were ESCORTED in by the Capitol Police and told “it’s ok – just don’t break anything”!! SO I say that these people were all participating in a WOMAN HUNT and there’s a provision in that ANTI-LYNCHING Law that would cover the MOB!!! Now get the FBI and the INTERNET Karens busy identifying the GUILTY!!

  7. I wonder if the party that loves to brag about its hatred of racism realizes it’s putting its passion for racism on display for all to see?

  8. If anyone believes the Buffalo U campus police are investigating and will do anything to the leftist thugs on their campus I have some swampland in Florida I want to sell them.

  9. There’s a photo of “mob”……..Take a look at it !!…………I rest my case !

  10. Bear in mind that these are the same people that would challenge you and ask, “Why do you need a 30-roud magazine?” I suppose the best response would be to just look at them and smile, really big!

  11. Always carry an automatic weapon when dealing with these animals. 70 or 80 well placed shots will make our world a better place for the future

  12. Instead of letting “them” SHOUT, just bring in the Police to arrest them. Blowing whistles, shouting , using bullhorns & making a scene is a VIOLATION of free

    1. From the lukewarm reply from the university I doubt they saw much wrong with what the protesters did. It was just a “peaceful protest” like the ones last summer.


  14. I hope one day I get chased by a mob of illiterate knee-grows. I carry a .45 with 9 in the clip and one 1 in the tube.

    It would be the happiest day of my life.


  15. the woke nazis trying to shutdown free speech on college campuses. this has been going on for some time. anyone involved in shutting down free speech in schools should be booted out of the school. any one found to be not students at the school should be arrested on the spot.

  16. All the mob wanted to hear is how much of a victim they were. You say that they are not losers and they attack you. Pathetic

  17. The mob, I’m guessing, were mostly African-American peace activists. Any excuse for cowards to attack the defenseless. It is in the rule book.

  18. They are really scared for anyone to hear truth. If that was not the case they wouldn’t care who said what.

  19. This is why you protect yourself. You have second amendment and first amendment rights.

  20. It seems to me that whenever this kind of nonsense happens, the university will issue a “tepid and ineffectual statement”. I would add flaccid to that description. Until the thugs that did this are expelled we can expect no change.

    1. Actually, IMO, it goes beyond being expelled…These adults need to be rounded up by law enforcement and criminally charged for attempting to cause bodily harm to this woman never mind attempting to deny her right to free thought and expression…Shouldn’t be too hard to locate many of them – They attend that school…

  21. The woke know they can’t win intellectual arguments, so they resort to their usual vile, vulgar and violent ways.

  22. When every democrat supported and applauded the rioters and violent protest they gave carte blacks to these ignorant folks who think they have a right to continue to attack anyone who does not follow their agenda. Violence is the democrat way and they love their criminals. Pretty disgusting behavior.

  23. Perhaps, since physical punishment is being given because of a different point of view, a civil war is inevitable.

  24. This campus Must have a lot of radical black students and self loathing and guilt ridden whites- that think all blacks are all victims. Not allowing Colonel West to speak is typical of every college and university in this country – they want NO opposing views, diversity of thought or FREE speech. They are ALL Liberal Fascists and this is not new or rare – it is the norm on all of our Liberal Indoctrination Centers-once called colleges and universities.

  25. They were given a green light back during the 2020 riots. They’re just emboldened all the more with the anti-police mess.

  26. Liberalism is a severe & dangerous mental disorder.
    Violence is the first goto of the disgruntled lib.

    1. I agree that Liberalism is a degenerative mental disorder – that affects the patients brains in those areas that deal with logic, intelligence, common sense, tolerance for opposing views, free speech and reality. Never met a Liberal who could defend their positions with facts, empirical data and sustainable results

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