Jason Chaffetz: Police should have a ‘do not respond list’ for establishments that refuse them service

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(Video: Fox News)

Police should no longer respond to calls coming from businesses that have made it clear that they are not welcome, an opinion that was expressed by Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz in response to two San Francisco restaurant owners who drew national attention for their disrespectful treatment of law enforcement.

The former Republican congressman threw in his two cents over what went down last Friday at the Hilda and Jesse restaurant which rudely refused service to three uniformed officers looking to have a bite to eat because their presence, as well as the fact that they were carrying their service weapons, made staff members “uncomfortable,”

It was a snub that quickly went viral and resulted in backlash so intense that Yelp suspended reviews of the restaurant, leading to an apology by the co-owners, one of whom insisted that “It’s not about the fact that we are anti-police.”

“It is about the fact that we do not allow weapons in our restaurant,” Rachel Sillcocks said, adding that they were welcome to return but only if they disarmed themselves first.

Chaffetz clearly wasn’t impressed with the apology and on Monday’s edition of “Outnumbered”, he proposed a novel solution when asked for input on the outrageous behavior of the restaurant.

“I think what they should come up with in San Francisco and other cities if they want is to have a do not respond list,” Chaffetz said.

“Go ahead and register with the police department and if 911 gets dialed, then they don’t respond,” he added, “as long as you put up a sign in the store that says we do not respond to 911, you go ahead and call your social worker or you go ahead and call your local drug dealer if you run into a problem, if somebody has a heart attack or you’re getting robbed, but don’t call the police.”

On Friday, as word of the disgusting treatment of the officers began to spread, the restaurant issued a statement that the Hilda and Jesse was a “safe space – particularly for queer and bipoc individuals. Furthermore, the fact that they were in uniform with multiple weapons on them made our staff uncomfortable and potentially other guests, so they were asked to leave.”

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott took to Twitter to express his view that the restaurant’s treatment of the officers was “discouraging and personally disappointing.”

He added, “I believe the vast majority of San Franciscans welcome their police officers, who deserve to know that they are appreciated for the difficult job we ask them to do — in their uniforms — to keep our neighborhoods and businesses safe.”

The restaurant and other liberal-owned establishments in the Bay Area have chosen a peculiar time to openly insult those who are tasked with protecting their safety and property as crime is exploding in Democrat-controlled areas with criminals becoming more flagrant with their “smash and grab” robberies, and few cities have been harder hit by crime than San Francisco.

There would likely be a very rapid change of sentiment with the anti-cop left if the police would take the advice of Chaffetz and focus their efforts on helping those who appreciate them.

Chris Donaldson


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