Blue-check disappointed in COVID-free Christmas movie back peddles after backlash of common sense

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Nobody in their right mind would likely ever accuse Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movies of reflecting real life. They are created as an escape (as are most movies) for people who want to get into the holiday mood with some light, family-friendly content.

That is unless you are blue-check Twitter user Nicole Carr or, apparently, her kid.

“Bothered by a new Christmas movie bc it doesn’t address COVID,” she lamented. “I know it was shot during the pandemic, so are we pretending there’s no virus? We can’t get a script about how they’ve managed to have a big, maskless indoor party w strangers in 2021 & no vaxx or testing status convo?”

Just to make sure people knew how genuine and serious her mental and emotional stress were at being confronted by a group of actors playing pretend, she threw in a “quote” that she claims is from her 10-year-old.

“Now the movie is on a scene in which the neighbor just shows up for Christmas dinner and joins the family. My 10 yo: ‘Does it look like Omicron exists in their world?'”

Luckily for the perpetually-panicked, Twitter is there to remind you that movies aren’t real-life and that it’s not immoral to enjoy some entertainment during the holiday season:

Sierra Marlee


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