Oh man, the Jussie Smollett trial isn’t going great for him

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Former “Empire” actor and accused hate crime faker Jussie Smollett is finally getting his day in court, but if this Twitter thread is anything to go by, it’s probably not the relief he was seeking.

The trial isn’t being televised, but thankfully that isn’t stopping people “in the know” from tweeting about it, and boy is Fox News’ Matt Finn’s description of events a doozy.

To set the scene: The defense is attempting to argue that the Osundairo brothers are somehow “sophisticated” criminal masterminds who had it out for Smollett, and that the actor was set up that night to take the fall for a fake hate crime.

Given what has already be said prior to the trial, that makes sense. Nothing fishy yet.

Wait, he’s angry about hate mail? Doesn’t every famous person get that to some degree? Maybe he’s just EXTRA mad because the writer indicated they were Republican?

That doesn’t sound like a good reason to commit a crime (several of them, actually) but one could see how that might happen.

Starting to sound less and less like Smollett is a victim here.

Is it considered “premeditated” if the crime is against yourself?

“What, you’re telling me my flawless plan had flaw holes?” ~ Jussie Smollett, probably.

You know, for good measure.

Thanks to Mr. Finn, Twitter users were able to give their opinions on the ongoing trial. And boy, did they.

Sierra Marlee


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