Fox News absolutely dominates top cable shows in November. CNN and MSNBC nowhere to be found

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The ratings are in and Fox News Channel is absolutely raking in cable hits, leaving their competitors watching from the nosebleeds.

Not only did Fox News dominate the majority of the slots, but they absolutely shut out CNN and MSNBC in both daytime and primetime programming, according to Mediate. Their combined viewers of all demographics didn’t even come close to what the right-leaning media outlet was bringing in.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” was number one of the Fox News lineup, totaling 3,667,000 average viewers with 651,000 of those being in the key 25-54 demographic. Fox News credits Carlson’s Kyle Rittenhouse interview for helping him take the number one spot.

Coming in at a close second was “The Five” with 3.51 million average viewers for the month of November, 557,000 of those in the key demographic as well.

Third place goes to “Hannity,” averaging 3.23 million viewers, and 541,000 key demo viewers.

Unbelievably, Fox News beat CNN in primetime viewers by 294%, and MSNBC 136%. In the key demographic, they fared better than CNN by 184% and bested MSNBC by 200% in primetime.

In comparison, CNN and MSNBC numbers look abysmal as they battled it out for a distant second place trophy.

When it came to daytime key demo viewers, CNN came out on top of MSNBC with 109,000 to 79,000. MSNBC however was able to take home total viewers with 660,000 to 495,000.

Primetime programming was a similar story, with CNN dominating 152,000 to 144,000 in the key demo, but MSNBC coming in at the end to sweep total viewers 1,091,000 to CNN’s 654,000,

Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” was crowned king of all basic cable television programming views, beating out late-night legends Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, and Greg Gutfeld’s audience only continues to grow.

A 1.98 million average of total viewers and 388,000 of those being in the key demo was enough to propel “Gutfeld!” past MSNBC’s highest-rated host Rachel Maddow for the very first time since the show’s launch.

Here is a breakdown of the total viewer stats:

Total viewers:

CNN: 495,000
Fox 1,544,000
MSNBC: 660,000

25-54 Demo

CNN: 108,000
Fox News: 264,000
MSNBC: 78,000

And for primetime:

Total viewers:

CNN: 654,000
Fox News: 2,578,000
MSNBC: 1,091,000

25-54 Demo:

CNN: 148,000
Fox News: 420,000
MSNBC: 140,000

It wasn’t even close.

Sierra Marlee


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