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Energy secretary’s claim that she’s unsure of US oil usage proves to be convenient slip of mind

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United States Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admitted during a press briefing on Tuesday that she doesn’t know how many barrels of oil are consumed on a daily basis in the country, but critics aren’t so sure.

During the briefing, she announced that 50 million barrels of oil would be released from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a way to help with rising gas prices. When pressed by a reporter about how many barrels the United States consumed in a day, Granholm admitted that she didn’t know, and didn’t “have that number in front of” her.

Critics were quick to note that, as the energy secretary, she should probably be aware of something so critical, and central to her job description.

She was also quick to note that “obviously the president doesn’t control the price of gasoline,” as criticism against Biden shutting down construction of oil pipelines mounts, as people experience growing pain at the pump.

Since her job literally revolves around everything energy-related, including “obviously” the consumption of it, people are wondering whether she was entirely honest when she revealed that she didn’t know how many barrels of oil are used up a day in America.

Perhaps, they suggest, she is lying because she knows that 50 million barrels of oil won’t be anywhere near sufficient to alleviate skyrocketing gas prices.

Or perhaps she knows, but thinks Americans are too dumb to find the answer themselves?

Regardless, the Twitter-verse was not impressed with her performance, and even less impressed with the overall state of gas prices:


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