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New Hampshire mom breaks silence; son suspended after saying there are ‘only two genders’

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The mother of a New Hampshire high school student who was suspended from a football game for the heinous crime of acknowledging only two genders in the human race has spoken out in defense of her son.

“My first reaction was that I was shocked,” the mother, who requested anonymity, told Fox News in a statement. Her student-athlete son had texted a classmate while off school grounds.

“My son had already told me about the incident, so I knew what had happened,” the mother, who lives in Rockingham County, added. “When I saw the text messages, I agreed with my son. All he did was state an opinion. I defended him on the phone to the vice principal and said, ‘He has a right to his opinion.’”

The family has consequently sued Exeter High School and Vice Principal Mary Dovholuk, filing on November 4 and alleging violations of free speech enumerated in the New Hampshire Bill of Rights.

“This case shows that schools increasingly not only think that their role is to instill the correct ideological beliefs in students but to enforce those beliefs,” the family’s attorney, Ian Huyett, told the outlet. “Fortunately, they have no constitutional ability to do that, and it’s important they be reminded of that.”

According to the high school linebacker, whose name is referred to in the suit as M.P., his Catholic faith precluded him from accepting more than two genders of the human species and denying what is common scientific sense along with natural and religious truth; all of which are under constant assault from left-wing ideologues bent on reshaping the world into their idea of utopia.

The controversy began on September 9 when M.P. was in a Spanish class and a student said she was nonbinary and preferred to be addressed by the pronoun “they.” In Spanish, pronouns and articles of speech are either masculine or feminine, and anyone who has taken any Spanish class knows that is one of the hardest things to remember along with the conjugation of verbs. Much harder, for sure, than assessing whether or not boys can be girls and vice versa.

M.P. began discussing the incident with some friends on the bus ride home, the suit states.

A female classmate identified as A.G. overheard them and allegedly interjected, “There are more than two genders!” A.G. is neither transgender nor nonbinary but believes in gender fluidity, the lawsuit says. A.G. then went out of her way to acquire the boy’s phone number and the two exchanged words.

“Gender and sex mean the same thing,” he wrote her. “There are only two genders and sexes.”

Insisting that she was right, A.G. replied, “Your [sic] in high school you should know this.”

“I also know that ur a bozo,” he replied. “Just stfu and leave me alone,” he wrote, according to the lawsuit.

M.P. was summarily pulled from – ironically enough – science class the following day by the vice-principal and his football coach, William Ball. He was scolded for “not respecting pronouns,” Huyett wrote in the suit.

Vice Principal Dovholuk also chastised him for using what she perceived as impolite language. Her initial recommendation was that he be suspended from football activities for one week, but his coach reduced the sentence to one day.

The suit seeks nominal damages and an injunction that would bar the school from enforcing the gender-nonconforming students’ policy, which it says violates the First Amendment of the U.S.  Constitution.

The school’s superintendent, vice-principal, and football coach have not responded to requests for comment from Fox News.

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