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Watch Biden walk around maskless to shake hands, then pop one on for a photo

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President Joe Biden’s inconsistent messaging on masking has produced some head-scratching, eyebrow-raising moments, the most recent of which appears to confirm critics’ theory that masks are more about political theater than health.

On Wednesday, the RNC Research Twitter account posted a video of Biden schmoozing following his speech on infrastructure at a General Motors plant in Detroit, Michigan. While the men flanking him could be seen with uniform black masks, Biden did not have one on. He shook hands, smiled, and appeared to have the time of his life talking to the crowd.

While this might seem like a totally normal thing for any leader to do, the curious part came when the president decided to put on a mask just to lean in for a photograph, despite previously getting quite close to people without it.


This brief clip sparked quite the debate on both sides of the political aisle:

While at the GM plant, Biden also indicated that he had been told to “take orders” while trying to find (and then completely ignoring) the blue marker he was supposed to be standing on. It is the latest in a long line of off-the-cuff remarks that indicate that there is someone behind the scenes giving Biden his cues.

“I stand on the blue marker, huh?” Biden asked.

“Yeah, the blue,” the GM guide confirmed.

“Gotta take orders,” Biden mumbled, before passing right over the blue marker.

“You’re here,” the guide said, pointing to the floor as the president passed it. “Okay… okay…” Awkward chuckling ensued as everyone else moved forward to accommodate the president.

Sierra Marlee


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