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Tense clashes in front of Kenosha County Courthouse lead to multiple arrests

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On Wednesday, jurors in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse were dismissed for the evening having still not reached a verdict after two days of deliberations and reviewing of video evidence.

The latter interruption in deliberations came as the defense filed a motion for a mistrial – in separate instances both with and without prejudice – when it was discovered that prosecutors withheld higher resolution footage of the night in question from the defense that might have altered their approach in the case, had they been able to view it.

That is the state of affairs as of Wednesday night, but as deliberations among the jury continue, tensions have begun to increase among those assembled outside the Kenosha courthouse.

In one instance that may portend of others to come, a man wearing a “F*** Kyle” t-shirt appeared to slam his sign on another woman’s sign whom he was evidently trying to dox. He then body-slammed a videographer and was summarily arrested.

Some in the small crowd wore clothes adorned with Black Lives Matter messages. It is questionable as to why they are in attendance – unless to perform only as agitators – considering all subjects in the Kyle Rittenhouse case are white.

**Language Warning**

Another angle of the skirmish:

And yet another angle:

And in another confrontation, a woman was doused by a BLM activist:

Townhall’s Julio Rosas has been at the courthouse covering the Rittenhouse trial and, on Monday, he tweeted out an interaction he had with a pro-conviction woman who had prepared a somewhat ridiculous-looking middle school poster board project, depicting well … take a look:

It only made sense to inquire:

It is true that Rosenbaum and Huber are not here to defend themselves, but in the case of all three who moved to contact with Rittenhouse, each had rap sheets and offenses of varying severity, and the Left has a penchant for picking the most dubious characters they can find to lift up as heroes and saints.

On Tuesday, Rosas spotted a whopper of a hat that will no doubt be flying off the shelves, so its designer had better trademark it, pronto.

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