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Criminal justice reform gone wild: Brazen theft of shopping carts full of goods caught on camera

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A brazen daylight heist that was pulled off at a Connecticut grocery store is drawing attention on social media as the lawlessness which has become commonplace in Democrat strongholds rages unabated with no end in sight.

The thievery took place at a grocery store in the town of Oxford, a burb approximately 15 miles northwest of New Haven, when several individuals were caught on video after filling their carts with purloined goods consisting primarily of large jugs of laundry detergent and wheeling them out to be loaded into waiting vehicles without paying for the merchandise.

According to observers, the incident went down in the early hours of the morning at the Market 32 outlet located at Quarry Walk Plaza when at approximately 6:40 am, four masked criminals bolted with the stolen items, estimated to be worth around $1,600 and proceeded to empty their carts into minivans in front of stunned onlookers including store employees. An employee can be heard in the footage being warned that he would be fired if he intervened.

Video of what was clearly a planned and coordinated operation has since gone viral on social media and has been reviewed by authorities who are investigating the incident.

Unfortunately, the perps’ escape with their haul of stolen booty was aided by an inexplicable delay in calling police who weren’t notified until 10 minutes after they had fled, allowing for the clean getaway. “Had 911 been contacted in a timely manner, police personnel would have been able to attempt to intercept those involved,” said Sgt. John Acampora of the Oxford Resident Trooper’s office according to the Hartford Courant.

Police have made progress in their investigation and believe that they may have identified two suspects who stole big screen television sets at BJ’s Wholesale Clubs in two other towns – Wallington and Southington – who used a vehicle matching the description of one used in the Market 32 laundry detergent theft.

“The description of the vehicle is similar and connected to the series of thefts that’s been going around the state,” said Lt. Keith Egan of the Southington Police Department according to Hartford Fox News affiliate FOX 61.

Eagan expressed frustration over the spate of increasingly brazen thefts and that the hands of the police are essentially tied by politicians. “Currently we’re can’t pursue vehicles if it’s a property crime,” he explained.

The incident generated much buzz from Twitter users with some making the connection between Connecticut and other Democrat-controlled areas where thievery has effectively been made legal by political ideologues who openly advocate for criminals while working diligently to undermine the police.

Unfortunately, the crime sprees will only continue thanks to the perfect storm of the refusal of Democrats to come out in support of law and order and the Biden shortages that have been a boon for the black market.

Chris Donaldson


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