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Newsweek thinks Stacey Abrams can save the doomed Democrats in hilarious political take

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Legacy media outlet Newsweek has published what is essentially a love letter to failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in the hopes she can save the Democratic Party.

Newsweek contributor Steve Friess typed up the profile, entitled, “Can Stacey Abrams Save the Democrats—Again?” wherein he raises her up as a “possible savior” and contends that she single-handedly helped new voters register in Georgia which led to the flipping of the state in the Democrats’ favor in 2020.

“Abrams, who famously turned a bitter loss in Georgia’s 2018 governor race into a powerful get-out-the-vote movement that helped deliver the White House and Congress to Democrats, is increasingly looking like a possible savior, although it’s far too early in the process to place safe bets,” Friess wrote.

Abrams ran against now-Governor Brian Kemp in 2018 and lost by around 60,000 votes, though it is now almost 2022 and she has yet to concede the election – a refusal hailed as bravery when a Democrat does it, and an affront to everything good and decent when a Republican does it.

She stumped for the defeated Terry McAuliffe in the recent Virginia gubernatorial election and tiresomely maintained that the Georgia election was stolen from her.

“You see, I’m here to tell you that just because you win doesn’t mean [you’ve] won,” Abrams said during an October rally. “I come from a state where I was not entitled to become the governor, but as an American citizen and as a citizen of Georgia, I’m going to fight for every person who has the right to vote to be able to cast that vote. And here in Virginia, you need to cast that vote for Terry McAuliffe!”

Friess had enough journalistic integrity – momentarily – to admit that independent fact-checkers found there was no voter suppression involved in her loss, but later couldn’t resist qualifying it as a “counternarrative” that is pushed by “GOP leaders.”

“Thus, a powerful counternarrative about the Abrams juggernaut emerges. Every time Abrams points to a problem, she’s swatted down by GOP leaders eager to tar her as an insincere sore loser exploiting anger to sell her books and speaking tour tickets,” he wrote.

Friess continued with his syrupy ode to the woman, proclaiming that her “cleverness is legendary” as a legislator and “as a gifted orator with an army of volunteers.” He also furthered the hackneyed and hyperbolic narrative of the Left, saying that for the Abrams loyal, “nothing less than saving democracy” is at stake.

Of course, the Left controls all three branches of government right now, and the U.S. is a republic and not a democracy, but never mind that.

“Either way, Abrams’ fight to ensure that the administration of American elections is not stacked against people of color, against Democrats—and, therefore, against her—goes on. And to many who are paying to see her talks in theaters around the U.S. this fall, nothing less than saving democracy—and, in the process, the Democrats—is at stake,” Friess wrote.

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