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Bystander goes off on brazen ‘f**kers’ allegedly throwing heaps of stolen goods into cars

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“Libs of TikTok,” a Twitter account that typically posts videos of progressive liberals saying bizarre things much to the amusement of the sane community, has once again blessed us with content depicting what it’s like to live in Connecticut.

The video, shared from local news station WFSB’s Twitter account, shows several apparent thieves loading up their vehicles with what is being reported as stolen goods. One group filled an entire cart with laundry soap, and was hucking the bottles into the back of an SUV (which is also being reported as being stolen) while someone filmed. Of course, their faces were covered so police are going to have their work cut out for them.

A man can be heard in the background berating the alleged thieves, claiming that prices are going up “because of these f***ers” who “can’t get a job like the rest of us.” He also warned that any employees trying to intervene would probably get fired, making it not worth the effort to save the products.

According to WFSB, the police are looking into the matter, but claim that a 911 call was never made during the incident. They say they were alerted about 10 minutes after the theft took place. .

“Had 911 been contacted in a timely manner, police personnel would have been able to attempt to intercept those involved. We would like to remind everyone to stay vigilant and not to engage with people like this when a crime is occurring,” read a press release.

It didn’t take Twitter very long to get their claws into the video:

Sierra Marlee


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