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He’s all yours! Joe Walsh laughably threatens to become a Dem to show them how to win

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NeverTrumper Republican Joe Walsh is threatening to become a Democrat in order to show the left how it’s done when it comes to fighting back against alleged GOP fear-mongering and winning culture wars.

Conservatives are telling Democrats they can have him.

“As someone who used to actively practice in all this culture war stuff and understands it intimately, I think maybe I’ll become a Democrat to help Democrats learn how to fight back against Republican fear mongering and thereby win the culture wars by actually persuading voters,” Walsh laughably tweeted.

Walsh’s threat set social media ablaze and he was goaded and mocked relentlessly over it.

Unbelievably, his Twitter feed is full of Democrats begging him to switch sides and help them as well. Leftists cite a march to fascism, climate change collapse, and an oldie but goodie, Rome is burning in reference to Republicans gaining political power.

After Republicans swept Virginia in Tuesday’s election as well as winning races across the nation, the collective desperation to turn Walsh blue is telling.

The last anyone heard from Walsh, he was being booted from the airwaves after losing his national radio show and bitterly blaming it on his boss whom he described as a “big Trumper.”

“Some bad news. Looks like I’ve lost my radio show. The network is run by a big Trumper, and he’s wanted to boot me for a while. Looks like it finally happened,” Walsh tweeted while voicing support for Black Lives Matter, attacking former political colleagues for spreading “disinformation,” and hating on Trump.

Walsh also said he would support any Democrat over former President Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Given his leftist track record, Walsh appears to many to already be a Democrat so it would just be a formality for him to change parties at this juncture.

Conservatives piled on after Walsh made the offer to join the Democratic Party:


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