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Ex-Rep Joe Walsh canned again, whines it’s because he’s anti-Trump and is engulfed in fickle leftist love

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Former congressman Joe Walsh has been booted from the airwaves once again losing his national radio show and bitterly blaming it on his boss who he described as a “big Trumper.”

“Some bad news. Looks like I’ve lost my radio show. The network is run by a big Trumper, and he’s wanted to boot me for a while. Looks like it finally happened,” questionable conservative Walsh tweeted. Lately, he’s been on an apology tour over past comments on Islam, while affirming Black Lives Matter, taking pot-shots at his former political colleagues for spreading “disinformation,” and hating on Trump.

He says he wasn’t given a reason for the dismissal. But he did state: “My producer and program manager had been telling me for a while how pissed off the owner was that I was so anti-Trump.” He hosted the show for about a year.

It’s the second time Walsh has been removed from the airwaves. In August of 2019, Salem Radio Network announced it was canceling Walsh’s national radio show on their network as well.

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“This isn’t the first time this has happened to me,” Walsh told CNN on Thursday. “I’m a conservative. I’m a loud, outspoken, anti-Trump conservative. And that’s just not a fit on conservative talk radio.”

Walsh has modified his politics to win over leftists, display his disdain for former President Trump, and excoriate Republicans and conservatives in general. The left will love him as long as he’s against Trump it would seem.

The former Tea Party advocate was unceremoniously dropped from the Gab Radio Network. However, his landing page on the network’s site is still live proclaiming that “The Joe Walsh Show” is “the ONLY anti-Trumpism conservative voice in conservative talk radio.”

Walsh claimed he wasn’t shocked by the development: “Not surprised, but I am bummed. I thought it was so important to have ONE anti-Trump conservative voice on the radio.”

Even though Trump is no longer in office, Walsh just can’t let it go. His tweet prior to announcing his departure from the radio network, declared that Trump “ought to be convicted.”

Then he cluelessly tweeted, “It’s such a crazy time. I’m a conservative. I’ve grown. I’ve opened my heart. I’ve listened. I’ve learned. But I’m still a conservative. But because I am so outspoken against Trump & Trumpism, I have absolutely no future in the GOP or the conservative media world. So darn crazy.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald smacked Walsh for his convenient politics: “The Joe Walsh case is so fascinating. Just a few years ago, every tweet from him was met by hordes of liberals calling him a deadbeat dad and a racist & telling to go pay his child support.” He added: “If you want go commit some heinous crime, just be sure to post a few anti-Trump messages to social media afterward and you’ll have all the support you could possibly want and more.”

A few cases in point:

Joe Walsh is not liked on Twitter either by conservatives:


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