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Cher’s brainless meltdown over Youngkin’s victory is worth the price of admission

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With her glory days long past her, pop star Cher is seeking relevance in politics. Unfortunately every time she opens her mouth to say something, stupid comments like the ones she made on Tuesday end up falling out.

With the Virginia gubernatorial battle between Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin, Democrat and Republican respectively, coming to a close, Cher took to Twitter to unleash a meltdown of nuclear proportions.

Complete with all caps and emojis, Cher shared her take on the Virginia election.

“Held my tongue, long enough, but fk it!! Do Dems need a [house] to fall on their sisters, [before] they [see] what’s coming!? Guess ‘[American flag] terrorists’ telling hang Pence, kill Pelosi, isn’t enough. If GOP take power it’ll [be] ‘total power’. It’s ‘white’s’ only club, and BLM, LGBT, Jews, Asians, minorities [are] in [German flag] style peril.”

But calling Republicans terrorists and Nazis once wasn’t enough for the aging singer/actor. An hour later she still hadn’t figured out how to disable her caps lock key, so she continued the screaming tirade by talking about how much work President Joe Biden has been doing to protect Americans or something.

“Joe works tirelessly [to] work with Cong[ress], and pass bills [to] help every day Americans, and he’s hit from Dems on right, and left. They cause gridlock, white GOP sit and plan how [to] pick our bones clean if we fail. GOP are Nazi’s in lockstep. It’s difference between democracy and dictatorship.”

Unfortunately for Cher and all of the hysterical Chicken Littles who think like her, Democrats lost in spectacular fashion Tuesday night. Despite initially refusing to concede, McAuliffe lost to Youngkin and Marine veteran Winsome Sears, also a Republican, was elected lieutenant governor. This officially makes her the first black woman to hold a statewide office in Virginia.

In September, Cher had a similar caps lock-adorned meltdown in which she (spoiler) compared the GOP to Nazis (sensing a theme yet) and said she was praying for America. And she threw in a mention of Hitler for good measure.

“I [pray] [for] [America] [for] the right of ‘all’ citizens [to] vote, and have their votes count!! I can’t believ eI’m having [tp] say this. I pray we [boxing glove emoji’ GOP…, Because, like Hitler destroyed German from within, so will GOP destroy democracy, and America from within. PS I pray boosters are a lifeline.”

In another tweet from earlier in September, she angrily fantasized about a future where women are “barefoot and pregnant” again, and/or die from “back alley abortions.” A dark and totally fictional prediction.

“Barefoot and pregnant, women at the mercy of tyrants!! Women will die from back alley abortions, same as before Roe v Wade!! Poor women will be hit the hardest!! Careers vanish!! Sexism, racism, trumpism, cultism, fascism, terrorism. Democracy will wither and die, and dictators will thrive.”

If Tuesday night’s elections were any indication, America will only become more red in the near future. It’s safe to say there will be more all-caps nuggets like the above from Cher to revel in as a result.

Sierra Marlee


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