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Parent says school officials are either childless or ‘sadists’ over policy forcing students to eat lunch in the rain

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Administrators in a California school district that adopted a controversial policy that reportedly forces students to eat in the rain are under fire, yet again.

Jonathan Zachreson, founder of Reopen California Schools, went on Fox & Friends First on Thursday to discuss the incident, which he called “appalling,” and that the school bureaucrats at Davis Joint Unified School District who made the decision are “sadists” who may not have kids of their own:

“I want to know what adults are doing this. It seems like these public health officials who are coming up with these rules either don’t have children or are sadists.”

The initial controversy erupted earlier in the week when Principal Gay Bourguignon of Patwin Elementary School fired off an email to parents stating that children would continue to eat lunch outside despite the weather forecast of rain for the week, which the officials knew about full well.

Parents were told in the initial to simply pack wet weather gear for their children, provoking public outrage. The school district was compelled by the outcry of indignant parents to issue several follow-up emails. The first of these follow-ups stated that kids could have their lunch indoors “whenever possible.” A second follow-up email said that children would be allowed to eat indoors for 15 minutes should a “heavy downpour” occur. The email did not provide explicit guidelines on what constituted a “heavy downpour,” and seemed to imply that after their 15 minutes were up, children would have to go back outside anyway.

“It’s pretty appalling hearing reports like this in other cases. But a lot of the blame falls on our State Health Department for coming up with these confusing and arbitrary and frankly unscientific guidelines,” Zachreson told Fox.

Zachreson went on to accuse the officials involved of putting the cart before the horse, caring more about enforcing the exact letter of the law rather than the spirit of protecting children, which is supposed to be what Covid restrictions are for in the first place. Officials need to get their priorities in order, Zachreson stated:

“It’s following the letter of the law exactly as it is, and there’s there’s no humanity in imposing some of these restrictions. We need to get back to our focus on our children, keeping them safe, keeping them educated and really remove a lot of this nonsense.”

In addition to expressing his disappointment, Zachreson stated that the main goal needs to be a return to a more normal state of affairs, by lifting the Covid restrictions:

“We need to just get our kids back to normal. You know, we believe that masks should off the kids at this point. Really, that’s what our kids need the most as any normalcy for their education and their mental health.”


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