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What could go wrong? Taliban promise cash, land, to families of suicide bombers

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In its latest bid for worldwide recognition (or ideological dominance and death to all, if you prefer) the Taliban have pledged to grant plots of land to relatives of suicide bombers who attacked U.S. and Afghan soldiers during the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

Appearing as though they have a legitimate system of government, the Taliban’s acting interior minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani, offered the reward to dozens of family members of bombers who gathered at a Kabul hotel, Interior Ministry spokesman Saeed Khosty tweeted on Tuesday.

Haqqani praised the sacrifices of “martyrs and fedayeen,” referring to fighters killed in suicide attacks, Khosty tweeted. Haqqani called them “heroes of Islam and the country,” according to the spokesman. At the end of the meeting, he distributed 10,000 afghanis ($112 dollars) per family, promising each a plot of land.

Khosty posted photos of Haqqani embracing the killers’ relatives, his face blurred because, you know, they are seeking worldwide recognition and a seat at the U.N. table.

The gala came amid the Taliban’s continuing efforts to gain acceptance from the civilized world via diplomatic channels. The sensible blocs in the world, of which there are few, are reluctant to formally recognize the terrorist faction. Sanctions continue to be imposed upon the Taliban as they plea for more monies and aid for the citizens of their newly-named country, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The U.N. predicts the entire population of the IEA will plunge into abject poverty if not for the acquisition of foreign aid. Surely, none of that would be used for funding attacks on their enemies. Rather, it will likely go to infrastructure.

The Taliban cannot risk alienating the United States and other western nations in its effort to gain recognition and grow its economy. International monetary organizations have paused disbursements which are equivalent to 75 percent of the previous Afghanistan government’s expenditures.

At the same time, they have promised the civilian population of the country protection and safety from Islamic State attacks. Both terrorist factions employ fear, coercion and death to further their goals of control and dominion over the populace.

Long gone are the days – and it wasn’t that long ago – when U.S. foreign policy dictated that we do not negotiate with terrorists.

Now, at least in leftist media and its White House, terrorist murderers like the Taliban are praised for their professionalism and “business-like” demeanor as they plot to kill more of us every day.

Frank Webster


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