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WATCH: Students support diversity quotas… until it comes to football

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Ophelie Jackson, Campus Reform

Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson talked to students at the University of Florida on game day about diversity quotas. She first asked students if they support diversity quotas in hiring decisions and in college admissions processes. Most of the students said yes.

“As a first generation college student from a Hispanic household, it’s very important,” one student said.

Another student said, “I think it’s an absolute necessity.”

“Absolutely, there should be more diversity in every single field,” another student told Campus Reform.

Jacobson then asked students if they support diversity quotas for sports teams. Most of the students said they would not support these quotas in sports.

“We want to win no matter what you are,” one student said.

“I don’t think we should. College sports is about getting the best players for your team, and I don’t think we should focus on which race or ethnicity to get,” another student said.

“It doesn’t make much sense…it should be based on skill,” one student told Campus Reform.

Jacobson then showed students what the Florida Gators’ offensive lineup would look like if the team implemented diversity quotas based on student population demographics. Students didn’t think it would be fair to implement the quota for the team.

Did students change their mind on diversity quotas in the workplace and in college after seeing it from the perspective of college sports?

Watch the full video above to find out.

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