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Erin Elmore: Concerned parents are not domestic terrorists

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Racists, Nazis, insurrectionists, and now domestic terrorists. These are the damaging and emotionally charged words that liberals and their allies in the mainstream media use to label conservatives for doing things like tell the truth, support the Constitution or defend their children. Shockingly, parents are no longer allowed to advocate for the education of their own children. That is now the job of the government, the school boards, and the teachers’ unions.

It all started when elementary schools across the country abandoned math and science for radical liberal ideas such as Critical Race Theory and gender fluidity.  School closures and aggressive mask mandates added gasoline to the fire.

Parents took notice. Parents got upset. They didn’t want their children learning to hate themselves for being white or to think they can pick their gender and discuss sex in elementary school. They wanted their kids back in the classroom for in-person learning with a focus on teaching children, not appeasing the teachers’ unions and liberal ideology!

When the parents noticed, they began going to school board meetings. These meetings became passionate and heated. Regular, everyday parents began running for school board. The left didn’t like it. You see, they knew they were losing their ability to indoctrinate our children and poison them with their Marxist ideas. They had to act and fast . . . leftists never seem to have logical strategies, so they did what they do best: name call, bully and scare.

Parents wanting insight into what their children were learning at school were labeled, you guessed it, DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

In a letter to President Joe Biden, the National Association of School Boards labeled parents’ objections to woke school ideology a “form of domestic terrorism.” It didn’t end there. AG Merrick Garland told local law enforcement that there was a “disturbing spike in harassment” against teachers. Now, the FBI, DOJ, and other three-letter federal agencies are attempting to bully parents into silent submission using fear of criminal prosecution as the ultimate censor.

The same people who turned a blind eye to violent and deadly protests in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Portland in the summer of 2020 are now calling moms and dads domestic terrorists. Parents are the problem, while violent criminals are justified because, um you know . . . social justice stuff. It’s mind-bending.

Mostly peaceful parents must send a message to the left that they are standing their ground to protect their kids. Parents teach their children that “sticks and stones may break their bones, but words will never hurt them.” They must follow their own advice and not lose their children to corrupt school boards and teachers’ unions who want to destroy children with race wars and gender lies.

Erin Elmore


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