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Melania’s ex-pal won’t be outdone by backstabbing Stephanie Grisham and LEVELS her in scathing rant

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Former first lady Melania Trump’s onetime best pal Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has written a piece that blasts Trump’s then-chief of staff Stephanie Grisham over her new book, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now.”

In the essay for Graydon Carter’s Air Mail, published on Thursday, Wolkoff, a former senior adviser to Melania Trump, began, “There are people who build things and people who destroy them. Stephanie Grisham is a destroyer, and in her memoir, she seems to show no genuine remorse for the destruction that she caused.”

Grisham, “a female Machiavelli with a penchant for Justin Bieber, whom she quotes at the start of one of the chapters in her book…swooped in Melania Trump’s inner circle when I, a close friend and adviser to the first lady, was in the hospital recovering from back surgery, and helped lay the blame for a gross mismanagement of inauguration funds squarely on my back,” Wolkoff continued.

The former friend also took aim at Grisham for describing her as a “wealthy grifter from New York” when she was “in charge of planning and running the Met Ball for more than a decade, and that it was Melania and Ivanka [Trump] who sought me out to help them, not the other way around.”

But Wolkoff also took some shots at Melania, refuting Grisham’s claim in her book that the former first lady can speak five languages: “From my experience, I can guarantee she does not.”

Wolkoff did, however, save most of her ire for Grisham.

“How anyone can take a woman seriously who calls the First Lady ‘my girl’ despite having seemingly no relationship with her whatsoever, let alone anything resembling a friendship, or who refers to herself and Sarah Huckabee Sanders as ‘Thelma and Louises lovin’ life and livin’ the dream, and answered to no one but Mrs. Trump’ is beyond me,” Wolkoff continued.

Wolkoff went on to dish about the alleged relationship between the first lady and former President Donald Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka, who had an advisory role in his administration.

“Most other publications have already gone into how absurd it is for someone like Grisham to try to redeem herself. I can only speak to the aspects of the book I experienced firsthand, from the tensions between Melania and Ivanka, which Grisham claims are a ‘conspiracy’ that I planted in the First Lady’s mind, to dubious anecdotes that I know to be either lifted from other people’s experiences or just fully false,” she wrote.

“As for Melania and Ivanka, the tension was palpable to me, and I was on the receiving end of too many frustrated text messages from Melania to count,” she noted.

Wolkoff also recounted how she, too, had written about her time with the former first lady in a book called, “Melania and Me,” adding that the Justice Department sued her — a case that has been dropped.

Last month as the book was released, the former first lady issued a statement of her own pushing back on the most salacious allegations.

“The intent behind this book is obvious. It is an attempt to redeem herself after a poor performance as press secretary, failed personal relationships, and unprofessional behavior in the White House,” her office declared in a statement.

In addition, a congressman mentioned in Grisham’s book — House Minority Whip Steve Scalise — refuted her account of a visit to the White House by his family and was snubbed by Melania.

“This is how the fake news media machine against President Trump and [Melania Trump] works,” Scalise said. “This never happened. My family went to visit the White House while I was still in the hospital and were graciously given a tour by President and Mrs. Trump.”

Jon Dougherty


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