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WATCH: Students love Biden’s immigration policies… until they see pictures from Del Rio

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Addison Smith, Campus Reform

As thousands of Haitian migrants pour across the Texas border, Campus Reform’s Addison Smith went to the University of Texas at San Antonio to get students opinions on immigration policy.

Students disavowed harsh border security, including Trump’s border wall, and took a more open-border approach.

But then Smith showed them photographs captured in Del Rio Texas, where an estimated 14,000 Haitian migrants have crossed over into the United States, and are currently camping out under a bypass.

Students were surprised at the massive number of illegal immigrants, and admitted it was problematic. “That’s more [people] than I was expecting”, one student said. “That — I do believe it’s a problem,” said another.

On the campaign trail, President Biden encouraged asylum seekers to come to America. As President, he halted Trump’s border wall construction, and has advocated amnesty for thousands of illegal immigrants. In fact, many immigrants confessed that they crossed illegally due to Biden’s policies.

After learning this, students criticized Biden, placing the Del Rio crisis at his feet.

“Yea, if you’re making promises like that… most of [the crisis] is going to be on your hands,” one student said to Smith.

When asked if this could have been avoided, students answered in the affirmative. One student even said that, “[Biden] probably shouldn’t have stopped the wall [from being built].”

Watch the full video above to see their full reactions.

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