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Woman blames ‘patriarchy’ after date with TikToker implodes; his response explains everything

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What started out as an innocent date at a bar to play pool quickly went south for TikToker Ethan Keiser when his date continued to video record him and then post a now-viral TikTok, trashing him as the “patriarchy” after he beat her at pool.

Keiser, who has nearly 895,000 followers on TikTok, is now receiving internet praise for the way he handled the bizarre encounter.

“I just went out on the worst date ever,” the unnamed female said at the start of her video.

“This famous TikToker is the patriarchy,” she continued, pointing at Keiser’s TikTok profile.

She proceeded to show screenshots of her profile and conversations with Keiser on a dating app.

The woman wrote on her profile that the first round was on her if her date could beat her at pool because she “thought it was funny and cute.”

After messaging Keiser, she agreed to go on a date and taped her horrified reaction as he arrived at the bar with his own pool stick.

The female TikToker continued to film Keiser as he chalked his pool stick and continued to annihilate her in the game.

“I didn’t even get to hit the ball,” she wrote on the screen of her video.

“He made me buy him a drink,” the woman wrote as the video changed to show her “cheer-sing” with Keiser.

“After his drink he said he had to go. What a jerk!” she wrote on screen as she filmed him walking out.

Keiser responded to the TikTok, editing his response into the original video saying it “obviously went viral”.

The viral pool aficionado commented that he left early because he didn’t want to be filmed on a date.

One woman replied, asking if he communicated that.

“Yes, by leaving,” Keiser answered.

The Twitterverse exploded with users giving kudos to the TikToker they dubbed a “legend” for his pool skills and supporting his decision to leave the date, especially considering the outrage that would ensue if the roles were reversed and Keiser spent all night filming his date.

“Woman forced to experience consequences of own actions, more at 11,” one user joked.

“A real woman would have bought you another drink and said beat me again… “patriarchy” what a bunch of BS,” another wrote.

“She mad cause she got her a** beat in pool,” said another.

Kay Apfel


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