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Conspicuous ‘insurgents’ at #Justice4J6 protest draw brutal online mockery

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When it comes to epic narrative failures it will be hard to surpass Saturday’s #Justice4J6 protest in Washington D.C. that was hysterically promoted by the media as the sequel to the so-called “insurrection” that has served as justification for the government’s ongoing persecution of Trump supporters.

Following weeks of buildup by hyperventilating pundits, the reinstallation of protective fencing around the Capitol building, and a police state atmosphere in the nation’s capital, the actual event was so underwhelming that the heavy-handed preventative measures backfired and brought humiliation to the political establishment.

Particularly embarrassing is the presence of a number of MAGA QAnon “insurrectionists” who look much more like FBI agents directly out of central casting than anything and Twitter exploded after the photo of a gaggle of dudes with short haircuts and the trademark dark sunglasses hit the internet.

Not only was the rally so insignificant that the actual protesters were virtually outnumbered by the media and the feds, but one particular encounter between militarized Capitol Police and a MAGA “insurrectionist” was of particular embarrassment when a black-clad man allegedly carrying a gun was outed as an apparent agent of the government.

The announcement by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s finest didn’t hold up under scrutiny as it was soon observed by many that the “arrestee” was carrying a peculiar item.

Mike Valerio, a reporter for D.C. CBS affiliate WUSA 9 posted a video to his Twitter feed that showed the gold law enforcement badge.

Quickly sensing that the cat was out of the bag, the Capitol Police tweeted that the man “did have a gun” but did not divulge whether he was an undercover officer of the law.

The reaction was another indication of the severely diminished credibility of the D.C. ruling elite and those who parrot their narratives.

The reaction wasn’t much kinder to the Capitol cops and their ridiculous gear.

Just how overwrought was the entire production? A tweet from a parody account of JCOS Chairman Gen. Mark Milley proclaimed that he stood at the ready to “provide righteous assistance to quell yet another insurrection on our national mall.”

Milley who has practically admitted being a part of a coup against former President Donald J. Trump isn’t making matters easier for himself after he was outed by Bob Woodward for what many have called an act of treason in offering his Chinese counterpart advance warning of any American military action.

All in all, chalk up Saturday as a complete failure that deprives the Democrats, and especially Madame Speaker of another wildly exaggerated incident that could be used as a bludgeon against the GOP and supporters of Trump who wisely sounded the warning last week to stay away from D.C. this weekend.

Chris Donaldson


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