Brady reveals he contracted COVID-19 after SB boat parade, say virus will be ‘more of a factor this year’

Although the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now all been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, star quarterback Tom Brady believes the virus will play more of a factor this year than last and revealed that he had a run-in with the virus last February shortly after the Super Bowl 55 boat parade.

His parents also battled the virus last year, with his father spending three weeks in the hospital and his mother also “sick as a dog,” according to ESPN, although she did not require hospitalization. The parents said that due to their illness, they missed the first two games of last season, which was the first time in their son’s career to miss watching a game.

After Brady confirmed that he had COVID-19, he discussed the upcoming season and how it might look different than the last season.

“I actually think it’s going to play more of a factor this year than last year, just because of the way what we’re doing now and what the stadium is going to look like and what the travel is going to look like and the people in the building and the fans,” he surmised in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times.

“It’s not like last year, although we’re getting tested like last year. It’s going to be, I definitely think guys are going to be out at different points and we’ve just got to deal with it.”

Brady’s admission was met with numerous people feigning shock that he was still alive.

Despite the NFL enacting strict Covid policies for this season that include forfeiture of any game that cannot be played due to unvaccinated players contracting COVID-19, fully inoculated players will be able to leave their hotels while they are traveling.

Coach Bruce Arians is a stickler for the rules and has prioritized strict enforcement of Covid policies on the team during the pandemic.

“He did an unbelievable job keeping this thing together during COVID,” said quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen. “He didn’t compromise, and it ended up being one of the huge advantages because we didn’t have any dips because of COVID, largely because of him. He had zero tolerance for cutting corners on the COVID protocol.

“He dog-cussed them. If he thought there was any slack whatsoever in us taking that thing for granted or letting down our guard, he snapped the team back to attention.”

While the NFL is entrenched in its slew of continued strict protocols despite a high vaccination rate league-wide, college football’s opening weekend has given the proverbial middle finger to Covid fearmongers. College stadiums opened to packed stadiums holding tens of thousands of fans that have left the scared liberals to cower in the corner and call for government restrictions on the uncalled for behavior of living life and taking part in such ludicrous activities as being around other people.

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