‘Shady’ BLM activist Shaun King pushes fashion line featuring hoodies, naturally

Shaun King: wannabe black man, wannabe “activist,” wannabe… fashion designer?

King recently posted on his now-private Instagram account (which does have an impressive 3.8 million followers) “Instagram.  This is just for you.  Only selling them here to our private community,” to inaugurate his new collection, “A Real One.”  King claims this line of apparel has been in the works for over a year, and will be available next month.  King did not provide any images of the clothing scheduled to go on sale.

The New York Post reported that the “shady” civil rights activist was “peddling a line of T-shirts and hoodies on social media.”

The new “A Real One” line’s official Instagram account has already gathered 76,000 followers.  There was also an invitation to email him for a sneak peak and of course, to make an advance purchase, but attempts by the New York Post to contact him or sign up didn’t bring any immediate response.

King is no stranger to raising money, or to plenty of suspicions about how he has used the money he raised. He was able to help garner $3.2 million for a Black Lives Matter political action committee, but was promptly beset with serious questions by other activists about where that money went. He has also faced criticism for using dead people as a banner to rally donations — without the knowledge or consent of the families, who didn’t see a penny.

There was also the matter of King using his social media to beg his followers for donations to help him move his family from Brunswick, NJ. After the New York Post ran an article about his lavish 5 bedroom, 3,000 square foot home on the lake (coming it at $842,000, purchased by his wife Rai-Tonicia King).  The family had only lived there for a short while, after leaving their luxurious rental house in downtown Brooklyn, NY earlier in the year.

In response to the Post’s article about his luxury lifestyle and home, King took to Twitter (on an account that he has since deactivated): “We now need to find a new home, relocate and have 24/7 security. The costs are outrageous. And to be frank — we just don’t have it.”

In spite of his apparent fears in the wake of the Post’s article, there does not appear to be any actual moves made to sell his lakefront property, or any calls made to 911 for emergency assistance, according to the Post itself, which filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the North Brunswick police.

King nevertheless has his supporters. Texas lawyer Lee Merritt was one of several prominent names to solicit followers for donations to King and his family: “What is happening to the King family is fundamentally unfair and heartbreaking but for the sake of the safety of their children they have to move.  Security advisors have cautioned them to do so quickly. This is an expensive proposition and will force them to sell their home at a loss.”

Actress Sharon Stone also offered her help, posting “If you need a place to stay in the meantime my guesthouse is yours behind guarded gates” on Instagram.

However, not everyone is buying his act, certainly not black Twitter:


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