Cindy McCain brags about how she is ‘proud’ of helping Biden win, history of caving to Dems

The entire country may be going to hell in a bucket but there are many Republicans who are extremely pleased that they helped to put Joe Biden into the White House, including Cindy McCain.

The spouse of deceased Arizona Senator John McCain, who waged open war against former President Donald J. Trump until his unfortunate death from brain cancer in 2018, appeared on ABC’s “The View” where she chatted with the gaggle of liberal hosts on the popular daytime show.

McCain said that she was “proud” for doing her part in vanquishing Trump from Washington while singing the praises of President Joe Biden, a man who she said is “leading this country in the right direction and practices civility” which may not accurately reflect reality, but at least he doesn’t send out mean tweets.

Co-host Joy Behar asked McCain of her support for Barack Obama’s former veep;  “You famously crossed party lines and took a lot of heat to endorse Joe Biden for president in 2020. Were you surprised by how much pushback you got, and how big a leap was it for you to put yourself out there like that? That must have been rough.”

McCain responded, “Well, you know, for me it was, you know, I knew the other candidate was not right. I knew we couldn’t deal with four more years of the other candidate, and so for me it was an easy decision because I knew what was right. In my mind, and in my heart, I felt like I was doing what was right for the country. I still believe that today.”

“As far as taking heat, I knew I was going to take heat. There was no doubt that was going to happen. So you know, I pushed back pretty good on them. I’m just proud to be… to have been some assistance to a man that I believe is a good president and is leading this country in the right direction and practices civility, and honor and decency as he governs and that to me is most important,” she continued.

In what some may see as a reward for her political support, Biden has nominated McCain as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture, a position where she will be involved in the quest to end global hunger.

As a member of the Bush-McCain-Romney establishment wing of the GOP that aligned with Democrats against Trump, Mrs. McCain is willing to ignore the roaring dumpster fire that Biden has ignited in his first six months including the porous southern border, crushing inflation, the weaponizing of the federal government against political dissent and the failure to fulfill his campaign promises by winning the battle against COVID.

It was also a somber day on the set as “The View” bid farewell to another McCain who is hanging it up after a four-year run.

With Meghan McCain’s exit as the show’s token conservative, “The View” will now have to find another victim to toss into the snake pit with the unhinged leftists, but there should be no shortage of potential replacement candidates to pick from among Biden Republicans.

Chris Donaldson


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