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The mask is off for fugitive Dems: Devine

It’s hard not to laugh at the fugitive Texas Democrats, now that three of them have been struck with COVID. Of course, the right thing to do is to wish them good health. But they must never lecture anyone about masks after posting selfies — from their chartered private jet, no less — in which not one of them was wearing a mask. Don’t CDC guidelines say you have to wear masks on planes? Not for Democratic lawmakers. It’s always one rule for them and a different rule for the peasants.

The stunt has been a mortifying self-own for Democrats, who have tut-tutted and scolded us like neurotic nancies all pandemic while privately doing as they please.

Then there is Kamala Harris, who greeted the Texans as if they were heroes instead of ridiculous runaways liable to being arrested when they go home. Yes, she met with them in person Tuesday, in a cramped, windowless room in DC, without a mask in sight, cackling about how “courageous” they were for shirking their legislative duties (pictured).

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