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Ambush attacks on police up 91% amid US crime surge, with 24 cops killed by gunfire: FOP

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Not only is crime up across the United States — so is crime directed specifically at law enforcement officers.

According to the National Fraternal Order of Police, which is the largest police union in the states, ambush-style attacks on law enforcement officers are up 91 percent from this time last year.

There were a total of 48 ambush-style attacks throughout all of 2020. Yet only slightly over halfway through 2021, there have already been 40.

Meanwhile, 150 officers have been shot and 28 killed.

FOP national president Patrick Yoes doesn’t think this is a coincidence.

“I think that the present climate that we see throughout the country right now and the dehumanization of law enforcement is certainly, I think, having some impact on the aggression towards law enforcement,” he told Fox News.

“There’s definitely a lack of respect. All we have to do is simply look at the increase in ambush attacks on law enforcement officers. That shows that there’s definitely a lot more aggression towards law enforcement than there was in previous years.”

A stunning amount of the disrespect has come from “tolerant” left-wingers who for some reason see nothing wrong with hurling racial abuse at minority cops.

From white leftists calling black cops “Uncle Toms” to black leftists telling Latino cops “you’ll never be white,” the abuse has been incessant.

Meanwhile, an Atlanta police officer barely made it out alive when he was ambushed last Wednesday while responding to a shots fired call.

“The injured officer, a two-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department, was pulled from the building by his partner and other offices arriving at the scene. A video shared with FOX 5 shows those officers stabilizing him and then carrying him to an ambulance to be rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital,” local station WAGA reported.

“Police said he suffered multiple gunshot wounds with at least one shot to the face. But he was able to speak with the chief and his partner under heavy sedation at the hospital.”

In this case, at least Black Lives Matter extremists weren’t involved. The same couldn’t be said last fall when two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were ambushed, shot in the head and left for nearly dead.

Afterward, a group of BLM-linked extremists paid a visit to the hospital where they were being treated to celebrate and chant for their deaths.

“I hope they die, motherf–kers! For Dijon Kizzee, motherf–ker!” they shouted.

Kizzee was a black criminal suspect who was fatally shot by the police after he attacked them during an encounter earlier that month.

“The encounter … began when two sheriff’s deputies from the South Los Angeles station spotted a man, later identified by the coroner as Kizzee, riding a bicycle in violation of vehicle codes, according to Lt. Brandon Dean,” the Los Angeles Times reported at the time.

“Deputies attempted to contact Kizzee, but he dropped the bicycle and ran north on Budlong Avenue for a block, with deputies in pursuit, Dean said. Deputies again tried to make contact in the 1200 block of West 109th Place, and Dean said Kizzee punched one of them in the face.”

During the altercation, Kizzee’s jacket dropped to the ground, and a black handgun fell out. When he reportedly tried reaching for it, the officers opened fire, killing him.

Yet despite what happened, the extremists viewed Kizzee as the heroic good guy and the cops who nearly lost their lives apprehending him as the bad guys.

The anti-police sentiment across the country has led to a spate of retirements by frustrated cops such as Travis Yates, a Tulsa cop who warned last year that America doesn’t have to defund or abolish the police, because “we won’t be around for it.”

As for the ones who remain, while their job is a difficult one, they do have the love and support of many, including former President Donald Trump and his top officials.

“All law enforcement, I want you to know that the American people thank you, they believe in you, they love you, they respect you, they need you. And we are going to fight for you. Law enforcement’s been treated very badly, but we love you. I just met a lot of them back stage. I’ll tell you, these are great people,” the former president said during his latest rally.

Meanwhile, here’s his former Homeland Security Deputy Secretary:

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