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CNN belittles conservatives over study on fake news, but they weren’t ready for the backlash

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CNN published a laughable piece this week citing a “study” that belittled conservatives’ judgment of the news.

The piece referenced a “small but intensive” study by Kelly Garrett and Robert Bond at Ohio State University and claimed, “more engaging but false stories tended to support beliefs held by conservatives, while viral news stories that were also true tended to support beliefs held by liberals.”

CNN promoted the article on Twitter, writing, “The research is the latest in a series of studies that show people on the political right tend to not only be targeted by fake news, but to believe it’s correct.”

Pot calling the kettle black perhaps? They seem to have forgotten something…

Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway fired back at the CNN report with a reminder about how CNN had misled people on key issues.

“They lied about Russian collusion. They lied about the 2016 election. They lied about Brett Kavanaugh. And they lied about the origins of COVID-19. And their liberal viewers believed them,” she said. “These corrupt partisans in the media are in no place to lecture anyone about disinformation, of which they are the most responsible for its harmful spread.”

Social media chastised CNN with many examples of “fake news” it has published in the past, including CNN’s dismissal of the “lab leak” theory which the liberal media has flip-flopped on in recent weeks.

The shaming didn’t end there as there appeared to be voluminous examples of “fake news” CNN had reported including their reporting on the Covington Catholic school incident and the Russian dossier misinformation they helped spread following the 2016 election..

Another user chimed in, suggesting that it’s just CNN’s fake news that conservatives don’t believe.

The “study” covered the period of January to June 2019, prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

CNN reported that 5,000 news stories per week were included in the study and were “carefully fact-checked.” However, the network did not mention what the fact-checking process involved.

Ashley Hill


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