‘It’s not enough to be Black, it’s not enough to be female’: Lightfoot’s home targeted by protesters

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot may have peeked out her window to see a surprise this week as she marked her second year in office.

Over 300 protesters gathered on Thursday outside of the Windy City mayor’s home, according to local reports.

“It’s not enough to be black, it’s not enough to be female, you gotta be right,” Chicago Public School teacher Tara Stamps told Fox 32 Chicago.

According to a Facebook event page, there were at least thirty community organizers that sponsored the event including Black Lives Matter Chicago, Illinois Raise Your Hand, the Chicago Teachers Union, and GoodKids MadCity.

“For the past 2 years, Lightfoot’s [a]dministration has continued to ignore the demands of its people,” the event page read. “This administration has failed on multiple issues — from environmental justice to education to policing to housing and COVID recovery. Join over 30 organizations in calling out Mayor Lightfoot on her [two-]year anniversary and demand that she fulfill her broken promises.”

(Video: Fox 32)

Protesters used the hashtag #2Years2Much to tag photos and videos on social media as the demonstration coincided with the close of the mayor’s second year in office.

Protesters held signs near the Mayor’s home in the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago. The signs admonished the mayor’s performance in a number of areas, giving her a grade of “F” in police reform, housing, education, and COVID-19 recovery, among other issues.

The Chicago Teachers Union weighed in on the protest with a tweet, “A protest led by the people. We’re just grateful and honored to be standing alongside them.”

Although Lightfoot did not immediately respond to media inquiries, she did take time on Thursday to boast about the last two years in office and said she had racked up over 150 accomplishments. She also announced an initiative to enhance parks, libraries, and community gardens on vacant lots. The initiative comes with some sticker shock at $10 million.

“Chicago Works Community Challenge serves as our city’s latest step in the mission I set out to accomplish two years ago, which is to deliver the investments and change our residents need in order to thrive,” Lightfoot said in a Thursday statement.

Lightfoot also explained that the initiative will include “community input” similar to other programs her team has initiated over her two-year tenure.

But ot everyone complained about Lightfoot. Adeline Bracey said, “I see that there’s a lot of infrastructure – Metra Station on 79th came out to Dobbs Park, Odgen Park.”

This week the first lesbian mayor also announced that in the name of diversity, she would only grant one-on-one interviews with “black or brown journalist.” A black journalist group announced they could not support the bigoted policy – albeit reluctantly. Another Latino journalist declined an interview after the announcement.

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