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In shocking anti-woke twist, Debra Messing voices unequivocal support for Israel’s right to self-defense

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Liberal actress Debra Messing appeared to cut against the grain in a short Twitter thread posted on Thursday in voicing support for Israel to defend itself against attacks by Iran-backed Hamas and Palestinian militants which began last week.

“I know this is complex. I understand it depends on through what prism you are looking at history. But what I shared was not inaccurate,” she began, in response to left-wing New Republic writer Natalie Shure.

“Israel won a war they didn’t start. Israel was granted a charter from the UN. People are displaced after war. It’s a tragic truth,” Messing told the columnist.

“Debra, please consider the possibility that the person spreading lies sourced from inaccurate social media infographics is…you,” Shure had tweeted in response to Messing’s plea on Twitter to “get informed” about the misinformation being spread about the issue.

“The jews [sic] have lived in Israel for 4000 years. They are indigenous peoples,” Messing, a frequent critic of former President Donald Trump and Republicans in general, continued. “They were enslaved, then faced genocide. There are 22 Muslim countries, there is 1 Jewish state. It is the only place Jews are safe. Hamas is the cause of the violence. Israel must defend itself.

“The fighting is devastating. The generational pain and trauma is profound on both sides,” she noted further. “As long as Hamas’s mission is to kill all jews [sic], peace is impossible. I pray for the defeat of Hamas, the end to violence & the creation of a 2 state solution, that brings peace to Israel.”

Messing added: “And I pray that people will *stop* posting videos and posts that don’t acknowledge that Hamas is a terrorist organization. It is hurtful, and puts jews in danger all over the world.”

Earlier in the week, Messing had posted several graphics that contained two female characters discussing various claims and aspects of the historical conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

“Please read the carousel. Get informed. Share it widely. Disinformation is gas on the fire of anti-semitism, and it is everyone’s responsibility NOT to amplify disinformation on social media. It hurts. If you are an ally, please act like an ally. We need you,” she wrote.

Several social media users thanked Messing for her posts, knowing they are not popular within her industry or the mainstream media.

Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire on Thursday, which by Saturday continued to hold. Meanwhile, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, relief and aid continue to flow into the Gaza Strip, which was hardest hit by the Israeli military because much of the indiscriminate rocket fire into the Jewish state came from there.

Tony Blinken, the U.S. secretary of state, is scheduled to meet with Middle East leaders in the coming days as all sides attempt to work out a lasting ceasefire agreement. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden called on the United Nations to step up “rapid humanitarian assistance and to marshal international support for the people of Gaza.”

Jon Dougherty


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