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Boebert calls out Pelosi’s hypocrisy: If Biden can address Congress without a mask, everyone can

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U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) demanded in a fiery letter that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “end the charade” and let congressional members speak on the House floor without donning a mask because “Biden was able to.”

The letter calling out the Democrats’ “political theater” was dated April 30 and highlighted President Joe Biden’s joint address to Congress on Wednesday in the House chamber where he did not wear a mask while speaking for over an hour. Both Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris wore masks while seated behind the President. All of them have been vaccinated against the virus.

In December of 2020, Pelosi mandated that members of Congress must wear a mask on the House floor during speeches. They would be subject to a $500 fine if they violated her decree. A second offense would cost a hefty $2,500.

“I write to express my frustration at the inconsistent rules you have imposed for the sake of political theater on the House Floor,” Boebert stated in her letter opening. “Your own rules state that speakers on the House Floor must wear a mask for the duration of their speech or face a $500 fine, yet, you allowed President Biden to speak for over an hour with his mask off. You sat less than 6 feet from Vice President Harris and members of your party crowded President Biden following the speech – all in contradiction to the guidelines you set forth.”

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“Let me be clear: I support Members’ rights to speak without masks on, shake hands, gather in huddles, and sit closely. There was no reason for any part of the COVID charade, since everyone in attendance was either fully vaccinated or tested negative for the China Virus. However, your hypocrisy was on full display this week as rules that members have been under for months were brushed aside for optics as you and the Vice President sat behind an unmasked President Biden,” she wrote.

Boebert’s letter also asked the speaker to allow the public into the House gallery that is currently off-limits along with the U.S. Capitol’s visitor center until deemed otherwise.

“I am calling on you to, as you say, ‘follow the science’ and allow members to speak without masks from the lectern, and for members of the public to be allowed to return to the House Gallery,” Boebert remarked. “If President Biden was able to speak for an hour without a mask, it’s time to allow the general body to do the same. It’s time to end the charade.”

She ended her letter to Pelosi with her demand: “For months, House Members have had access to rapid COVID testing and the vaccine. Continuing to require masks when speaking does nothing to prevent the spread of the China Virus. Please update the House rules accordingly.”

Mask Letter to Pelosi_FINAL by Ashley Oliver

Breitbart was told by an unnamed senior Democrat official prior to Biden’s speech that the “mask rule applies to Members of Congress only.”

Boebert’s spokesman labeled Pelosi’s rule as hypocritical: “Rep. Boebert is tired of the constant hypocrisy surrounding the House rules,” he said. “Americans should be allowed back in the People’s House, and members should be allowed to speak without a mask if they choose to do so.”


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