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Screaming passenger booted from plane over mask goes ballistic over ‘racist’ treatment on way out

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Despite multiple recent news reports about individuals, and sometimes entire families, being booted from Southwest flights because of the airline’s strict mask policy, one black woman took to blaming racism for her own expulsion.

Pre-takeoff video footage from a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to Chicago last Thursday shows the unnamed but masked black woman yelling expletives as she cries “racism” over the flight attendants apparently booting her from the flight.

In the clip, she claims that she briefly took off her mask for two seconds to use the restroom but was immediately accosted by a “racist” flight attendant.

Watch (*Language warning):

“I’ll never fly with Southwest again! And you’re supposed to be my brother!” she initially says to one of the black flight attendants.

She then steps off the plane for a second while yelling expletives, but quickly returns to continue ranting at the flight attendants.

“F–k ya’ll! All ya’ll! … Who’s processing my refund? Now I gotta find another flight, so process the refund! Process the refund!” she says..

One of the flight attendants then says something to her, to which she replies by yelling, “For not wearing a mask? I have a mask on my face! F–k you. F–k all ya’ll.”

It’s at this point that she trotted out allegations of racism.

“That’s racist as f–k. I don’t like racism. So whoever the flight attendant is, he was racist, and he was mad because for two seconds I didn’t have mask on because I went to the restroom. I put a mask on. I’m sitting here in compliance, and he tells me to get off the flight. But this is what happens when you’re black in America,” she said.

But it’s not clear that her race had anything to do with what happened. In recent weeks, a slew of people who are not black have been booted from their Southwest flights.

Last week, a white Baltimore County man was kicked off a Southwest flight for reportedly removing his mask for a brief second to eat some candy:

Around the start of the month, a white couple was booted from a Southwest airlines flight because the woman waited until she took a seat to apply her mask.


And on April 1st, an entire white family got booted from a Southwest flight after their 2-year-old son, Jackson, ripped off his mask.

“The [flight attendant] came up to me and, at that point, Jackson had taken off his mask. She said, ‘I’m sorry, ma’am. You’re going to have to get off the plane. Your son needs to wear his mask,'” the mother recounted to Austin station KTBC.

She added that she’d tried practicing with Jackson before the flight.

“I practiced with him at least two or three times at the house and every time he threw it off, but I figured that [Southwest] would work with us on the plane because he’s two,” she said.

But she’d figured wrong because, as these cases demonstrate, Southwest Airlines is extremely strict with its mask policy.

There are countless more stories just like this one.

Here’s one particularly notable one from last September:

Normally, these stories provoke sympathy and understanding from the general public. But because of the unnamed black woman’s decision to resort to accusations of racism, her grievances weren’t as well-received.

Case in point:

That said, critics did appreciate the “ridiculous” nature of the airline’s mask policy:

According to the Daily Mail, the footage was recorded by Sergio Workman, a 29-year-old technology consultant from California.

Workman is one of a few rare souls who believe that there may have indeed been some racism involved.

“I felt the airline was discriminating only because they did not give her a fair chance to comply, simply resorted to removing her and her guest from the plane,” he said.

“There were no other passengers actively not wearing their masks but I did witness and hear multiple occasions where passengers were given a chance to correct their face covering versus being removed from the plane,” he added.

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