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Rerun cites Trump, Fox News to proclaim blonde hair the color of ‘whiteness’ on the right, but wait a minute…

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The purported serious content published by left-wing websites is increasingly becoming almost indistinguishable from parody.

Even hair color is now subject to being identity politicized, as seen in a regurgitated article by The Cut, which is part of the liberal New York magazine brand, under the headline, “Political Peroxide: Blonde privilege.”

The approximately 1,400 word essay first run in August 2017 highlights (as it were) in part, that “blonde hair is at least 11,000 years old.” But wait, there’s more, and as usual, it’s Trump’s fault.

“Fox News and Donald Trump have given blonde hair a new chapter: Now, blonde is the color of the right, for whom whiteness has become a hallmark. Over the past decade or so, as inclusiveness became the hallmark of Obama-era liberals, the left found feminist icons in Rachel Maddow, Samantha Power, and Michelle Obama, who make no apologies for their failure to fit traditional ideals,” the article asserts.

“But #MAGA, Fox News America is a place where all the classic signifiers of privilege and wealth work on overdrive: country-club-issue blue blazers with brass buttons and khaki pants, and above all else, for women, that yellow-blonde, carefully tended hair — a dog whistle of whiteness, an unspoken declaration of values, a wink-wink to the power of racial privilege and to the 1980s vibe that pervades a movement led by a man who still believes in the guilt of the Central Park Five.”

The article (which readers can review in its entirety for the full context and form their own judgment) alludes to, among other things, natural or unnatural blonde anchors and personalities at Fox News, present and former, as well as President Trump’s close advisers during his White House tenure. People such as Kellyanne Conway, daughter Ivanka Trump, and former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany (who recently joined FNC).

The Cut doesn’t exactly sound like it is pro-choice in terms of hair color, though.

In the midst of the verbiage, the article concedes that “the right doesn’t own blonde hair.” It concludes by praising Hillary Clinton for ditching the blonde die job after she lost to Trump in the 2016 election.

The Cut essay claiming that blonde is supposedly the color adopted by the right wing prompted plenty ridicule on social media. Here is a sampling:

*Caution: Adult Language

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